House Bill 2569: Relating to Civil Unions


Last Updated: May 2, 2012
House Bill 2569: Relating to Civil Unions
Introduced by Representative Calvin K. Y. Say

House Bill 2569 allows for the enactment of Hawaii's Civil Union law by clarifying earlier laws for conformity. Specifically, HB2569 prohibits partners in a civil union to be eligible for marriage, while extending to them various rights and privileges of married individuals. The second amendment to the bill ensures that religious organizations are not required to solemnize a civil union.

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01/25/2012     (House)     Introduced and passed first reading; Referred to the Judicial Committee
02/07/2012     (House)     Judicial Committee passed the bill with admendments
02/16/2012     (House)     Passed second reading in the House; Referred to the Finance Committee
03/01/2012     (House)     Finance Committee passed bill with amendments
03/06/2012     (House)     Passed third reading in the House
03/08/2012     (Senate)     Introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor and Senate Committee on Health
03/15/2012     (Senate)     Hearing scheduled for March 20, 2012, at 10:00 a.m.
03/20/2012     (Senate)     Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor and Senate Committee on Health passed and recommended the Bill
04/05/2012     (Senate)     Bill passed second reading; Scheduled for April 10
04/10/2012     (Senate)     Bill passed third reading as amended and returned to the House
04/17/2012     (House)     House disagrees with Senate amendment and appointed house conferees
04/27/2012     (House and Senate)     Passed Conference Committee as amended
05/01/2012     (House and Senate)     Passed final reading in the House and Senate
07/06/2012     (Governor)     Signed into law

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