House Bill 1133: Streamlining Homeschool Applications

South Dakota
South Dakota

Last Updated: January 28, 2011
House Bill 1133: Streamlining Homeschool Applications
Representatives Russell, Brunner, Greenfield, Haggar, Jensen, Kopp, Liss, Olson (Betty), Steele, Tulson, Vanneman, and Venner and Senators Kraus, Maher, Novstrup (Al), and Rhoden

This bill will make it explicit that your homeschool paperwork is valid and effective as soon as you file it. Your homeschool program will clearly be legal immediately—without being vulnerable to legal trouble while waiting for the bureaucratic wheels to creak along to their unpredictable conclusion.

In an historic vote on February 24, the South Dakota Senate unanimously passed House Bill 1133, which will put an end to school board involvement in a family's decision to start homeschooling.

The bill was signed by Governor Daugaard yesterday, March 7. It will become effective July 1 of this year.
Thank you for your phone calls and other amazing efforts!

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01/24/2011 First read in House and referred to House Education
02/02/2011 Hearing scheduled in House Education
02/02/2011 House Education Committee recommends passage 13-1
02/07/2011 Passed House of Representatives, Yeas 63, Nays 4
02/08/2011 First read in Senate and referred to Senate Education Committee
02/15/2011 Scheduled for hearing in Senate Education Committee
02/15/2011 Passed Senate Education Committee, Yeas 6, Nays 0.
02/15/2011 Passed Senate Unanimously
03/01/2011 Delivered to the Governor
03/07/2011 Signed by Governor

This bill has been passed, and will become effective law July 1, 2011.


One family filed their homeschool form in early November. The school secretary signed to acknowledge receipt. The family heard absolutely nothing for at least eight weeks.

Another family filed their form and was told they could not take their children out of public school until the school committee approved them for homeschooling. They were told their paperwork would be denied—for a reason not allowed under law. Then the school staff "lost" the form. Only after legal intervention did the school system perform its duty—29 days after the family filed its form!

Another family filed their form and weretold the kids must stay in public school until the school board took action. The school board then denied their exemption--for a reason not permitted under law. Only after legal intervention did the school board reverse its decision.

HB 1133 will put an end to this type of abuse. Your paperwork would be valid and effective immediately upon filing.

Interim Secretary of Education Dr. Melody Schopp worked quickly, courteously, and professionally with homeschool representatives throughout the process of advancing this bill. She requested a change in the bill as originally filed. We felt the change was acceptable.

After the amendment, she worked with the South Dakota School Board Association and subsequently testified in support of the bill during both committee hearings.

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