House Bill 1049: Allows Homeschooled Students to Apply for a State-Issued Diploma


Last Updated: March 15, 2012
House Bill 1049: Allows Homeschooled Students to Apply for a State-Issued Diploma
Delegate Alston

Delegate Tiffany Alston (Prince George’s County) has filed a well-intended but unnecessary and unwise bill that would allow a homeschooled student to receive a public school diploma if the student and the parents follow all requirements the local public school might impose.

Homeschool diplomas are powerful. They have an excellent track record of successfully getting students into college, the military, and employment. We have encountered extremely few problems that could not be cleared up with a phone call or a letter. The premise of the bill is that homeschoolers “need” a public school diploma. We firmly disagree with that premise.

Homeschool 8th-graders score, on average, four grade levels above public school students, according to the landmark 1999 study of Dr. Lawrence Rudner. Perhaps public schools should be asking how to obtain a homeschool diploma!

HSLDA's Position:
Action Requested:

02/10/2012     (House)     First read
03/15/2012     (House)     Hearing scheduled in House Ways and Means

This bill has been withdrawn by the sponsor, and is now dead.


It’s obvious that Delegate Alston has a sincere and personal interest in helping homeschoolers. We hope to work with her in the future on other bills that can be widely supported by the homeschool community in Maryland.

HSLDA and Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators are united in opposing this bill.

HSLDA had earlier asked Del. Alston to amend the bill. She was very willing to work with us and listened very carefully to our concerns.

However, we no longer support any amendment to the bill.
Thank you for standing with us for freedom!

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