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Treasuring Freedom

Hamburgers on the grill....apple pie with ice cream....cold watermelon....sizzling sparklers.....For me those conjure the casual fun of a summer barbeque on one of my favorite holidays ---- the Fourth of July! And since the 4th is just three days before Austin and Justin's birthday it's always been a perfect time for us to sit out on the deck, invite family and friends over, and celebrate special gifts: the twins, and another precious gift --- that of our freedom in America.

How We Chose a College

Hi homeschooling moms!

How are you? I hope that you're having a good day so far.

All moms of juniors and seniors ~ take note. Moms with younger kids—one day you'll get here. Yes, one day the kids will turn 18 and you'll be looking at that next step after high school.

College Bound -- 4 Key Traits To Cultivate

Austin and Justin graduated ~ May 25, 2012 Next step ............College!!!

We're still in a celebratory mode after eleven years of homeschooling and are so thankful for how God carried us through.  As I've said before -- With God's help, we did it, and so can you!


The Homeschooling Widow

Sometimes I don’t like being a widow—when you need good advice and there’s no one you really feel like you can turn to. Or when you don’t have anyone you can call on in a pinch when you need something fixed—like the lawnmower that we can’t start just when our grass really needs to be cut, or the kitchen sink that is leaking just enough to be a nuisance, or the sliding glass door that a friend thankfully put back on track, but now won’t slide open or shut very easily.


Free Stuff!


We all get excited when we see the word “free.” Sometimes, though, we wonder if there is a catch to the offer, right? Here are some places to find truly free resources for homeschooling your children.


In the Evening at Sunset -- Having Meals Together


Let's say you've been teaching a good part of the day.  All of a sudden, it's getting close to 5:00 and you realize that  you have absolutely no ideas for dinner. And worse yet, you haven't had time to grocery shop today.  Ahhh!  Boy, have I had that happen a million times.....


A Stronger Nation Starts in Your House & My House

Today, I'd like us to think about the most influential women in America today—moms! Now I'm not trying to flatter you, but just want to make the point that raising a family is a key component for the success of society, and one that (although is often taken lightly by our culture) is absolutely crucial. 

 I almost have to laugh when the papers talk about influential institutions, important programs, and key people in the highest positions of office. As if everything can be fixed by all the above!

Teenagers ~ Arise & Conquer!

It's morning, and as you sip your coffee, you reflect on the day ahead knowing that there's a ton of stuff on the agenda. Well, at that moment, you hear the kids' alarm go off -- beep, beep, beep, beep.... but nothing's happening. Then the alarm is silenced.  You don't hear any footsteps or movement.  Now what? Go up and yell, "Everyone wake up!" or say nothing and let them sleep? Here's what I did.....

The Hunt for Scholarships


Homeschoolers are often eligible for the same scholarships as public and private school students.  But you may be wondering where you can find scholarship information.  I've created a list of places to start, including scholarship search engines. 


Bright Spots - First Homeschooled Student to Win Flinn Scholarship

Jonny Woodbury  just completed his senior year of studies, which included college courses from Chandler-Gilbert Community College. In the fall, he will attend Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona   State University and major in math and computer science.

     But the seventeen-year-old teenager from Tempe, Arizona has made history with just a single digit: 1.

Imagining Homeschooling High School

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of 

homeschooling high school?

Is it, “High school – wow!” Or, “Will the children be able to read by then? Will they still like me?”



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