You're A Natural Teacher, So Teach With Your Own Style!


Whether you're brand new to homeschooling, or a seasoned veteran with 20 years of experience under your belt, why is it that in mothering & in teaching, we have the tendency to think that we somehow need to be like someone else or do things like someone else?  Maybe it's just me -- but I think it's easy to fall into the trap.

Time For Quiet Reflection

Today's our last day at the ocean ~

It's been a lovely time to slow down, simply being together and enjoying all that the beach has offered....an awakening of all five senses. I'm thankful for a restful and wonderful seven days.

Although this has been an incredible location and an absolutely beautiful week, free from the hustle and bustle of the D.C. area,  I'm realizing that a place can't really give me the peace that I long for ---it's God alone who gives me true rest and peace.

Messy Moms Welcome Here...


I started reading a really good book several months ago, which touches on the theme of prayer—how we consider prayer, how we approach God in prayer, how we live a transformed life of prayer. It's called A Praying Life, by Paul Miller. Here are a few thoughts from the book, inviting us to be real with our Heavenly Father...

Snapshot: A Homeschooling Day in 2005



Ever wonder what a day in our homeschooling journey looked like? I decided to take a mental stroll down memory lane, and here's what I came up with...



Treasuring Freedom

Hamburgers on the grill....apple pie with ice cream....cold watermelon....sizzling sparklers.....For me those conjure the casual fun of a summer barbeque on one of my favorite holidays ---- the Fourth of July! And since the 4th is just three days before Austin and Justin's birthday it's always been a perfect time for us to sit out on the deck, invite family and friends over, and celebrate special gifts: the twins, and another precious gift --- that of our freedom in America.

In Need of Refreshment?

Do you ever get bogged down with your “to do” list? What about your Christian “to do” list? Just thinking about it can take the joy out of serving Jesus, especially in your home. In studying through Ephesians and Isaiah this past year, the Lord impressed me to take stock of what works (projects) I take on to do. ..

How We Chose a College

Hi homeschooling moms!

How are you? I hope that you're having a good day so far.

All moms of juniors and seniors ~ take note. Moms with younger kids—one day you'll get here. Yes, one day the kids will turn 18 and you'll be looking at that next step after high school.

College Bound -- 4 Key Traits To Cultivate

Austin and Justin graduated ~ May 25, 2012 Next step ............College!!!

We're still in a celebratory mode after eleven years of homeschooling and are so thankful for how God carried us through.  As I've said before -- With God's help, we did it, and so can you!


The Homeschooling Widow

Sometimes I don’t like being a widow—when you need good advice and there’s no one you really feel like you can turn to. Or when you don’t have anyone you can call on in a pinch when you need something fixed—like the lawnmower that we can’t start just when our grass really needs to be cut, or the kitchen sink that is leaking just enough to be a nuisance, or the sliding glass door that a friend thankfully put back on track, but now won’t slide open or shut very easily.


In the Evening at Sunset -- Having Meals Together


Let's say you've been teaching a good part of the day.  All of a sudden, it's getting close to 5:00 and you realize that  you have absolutely no ideas for dinner. And worse yet, you haven't had time to grocery shop today.  Ahhh!  Boy, have I had that happen a million times.....


Celebrations and Summer Homework

It's that time of year, moms, to celebrate little things like the arrival of summer, as well as big things like finishing another school year or even bigger events like your student's graduation from high school. What about when you feel like your school year hasn't gone the way you had hoped, however? How do you celebrate in light of that reality? 

Moms -- Remember Mrs. Carson...

Hi everyone! Okay, so you're wondering.... who is Mrs. Carson?

   Well, we live about half way between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD -- maybe slightly closer to Baltimore where people from around the world visit the famous John Hopkins Hospital in  the downtown area.  A renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson's name often comes up  when people are talking about the best physicians at Hopkins.

A Stronger Nation Starts in Your House & My House

Today, I'd like us to think about the most influential women in America today—moms! Now I'm not trying to flatter you, but just want to make the point that raising a family is a key component for the success of society, and one that (although is often taken lightly by our culture) is absolutely crucial. 

 I almost have to laugh when the papers talk about influential institutions, important programs, and key people in the highest positions of office. As if everything can be fixed by all the above!

Homeschooling Might Save Your Life!


Can homeschooling save your child's life? Of course, you might be thinking. And it's true, homeschooling allows us to impart spiritual truths to our children which God might use to draw our children to a saving knowledge of Christ. Yet, you might be surprised to see how literally homeschooling can save your child's life. Read on, for my daughter's engaging story!



Welcome to My World!

The crazy Klicka family - Christmas, 2008

   Some of you may be familiar with the name Klicka, as my late husband Chris, was Senior Counsel for HSLDA from 1985 until his death in 2009, following a 15-year battle with MS. Homeschooling now as a widow certainly has its challenges, yet I’m so thankful for all the years God gave our family together. I’m especially grateful that God has been with us every step of the way!


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