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The Power of a Mentor

   As wives, mothers, teachers, and daughters of the King we wear many hats, moms. In addition to teaching our kids to read, write and do arithmetic, we serve as mini CEOs of our household, support our husbands in their calling at work and their leading at home, and hopefully seek after God with all our heart.From our earliest years of homeschooling, one of my greatest desires was to personally inspire my children to follow hard after God and to live lives of greatness for the glory of His name. Because I am with my children more than anyone else, my influence in their lives is probably greater than anyone except perhaps their daddy’s before he went home to be with the Lord.

Talking with Your Children about Death


Many people have asked me these past three years how my children worked through the death of their father who they were all very close to. I’ve given that some thought, especially since I’ve talked with others who experienced the death of a parent while still young. What priorities did God most impress on my heart for my children after their daddy died?

Growing in Relational Wisdom

How well are you growing in relational wisdom? “What is that?” you might be asking. Before last week, I didn’t know what relational wisdom was either. As long as there is relational conflict, breakdown in communication, God’s call to grow in how we relate to one another in godly wisdom will be there for us as parents. The really good news is that He is there to give us grace and help in time of need in this area. Here are some helpful truths I gleaned from HSLDA’s national leaders’ conference last week in Orlando.

A Homeschooling Mom's Secret Power Source

Paul Miller in his book, A Praying Life, from which I shared some quotes in an earlier post, talks about us coming to Him empty-handed, pouring out our hearts to Him like a little child. I came to know the Lord Jesus as my Savior in just this way. As a young person my life had been pretty messed up; there was brokenness everywhere. I don’t recall ever being able to run to my earthly father for comfort, a gentle word, or patient help. How incredibly alone and broken I felt!

As I entered my teen years, I became even more aware of how broken I was. I was desperate for God’s healing, forgiveness, love and help. He heard my cry for help, redeemed my life from the pit, and crowned me with lovingkindness...

A Peek into a REAL Home School Day in our House!


I hope you are off to or are about to be off to a great start to a new year of homeschooling! We are doing a LOT of review this week, plus reading history just for fun. Next week, the rubber really hits the road!

Okay, so several weeks ago I posted a typical home school day in our home in 2005…except it was just a DREAM day. I promised to share what a REAL home school day looked like for a busy family of seven children, ages 7-17. Here it is—enjoy!

Starting a New School Year - How to Prepare for a Great One! Part Two


Dear homeschooling moms,

Last week I shared some foundational tips to help you plan for a great next school year. If you missed that post, click HERE to read this list. In addition to those, here are a few more thoughts on how we can prepare for a super year of homeschooling...

Starting a New School Year – How to Prepare for a Great One!

Dear homeschooling moms,

   My favorite time of year for me as a homeschooling mom is right before we start up a new school year. I’m excited about spending time learning with my children and teaching them new things. I enjoy picking out new literature we’re going to read together and finding interesting field trips we can take in conjunction with our topics of study. I love the thought of my kids being engaged in their education—wanting to learn, working hard, and being committed to their own discovery. They love reading and this adds to my love of homeschooling.

The Beauty of Being the Body of Christ -- My Work at the Home School Foundation

One of the greatest joys I have as a follower of Jesus Christ is being a part of His body. The way that God has called us, as His people, to be in community with one another--to be loving and caring for one another and laying down our lives for each other--is an opportunity to demonstrate the reality of the gospel to those around us.

Isn't this what we do, moms, every day, as we love our husbands and our children? In laying down our lives for them we show that Christ is real and that the gospel has transformed our hearts from being self-seeking to selfless, from doing things in our own strength to walking by the power of the Spirit for the good of those we love and for God’s glory.

I Love to Read

I love to read. That’s an obviously good thing if you’re a homeschooling mom. The problem with having this love is that as a mom, you never get enough time to read for yourself! When I had seven little kids, reading time for me often took place in the bathroom—yes, it only lasted about five minutes, and yes, even though I shut the door, I still had little hands knocking on the door and little voices calling out to me, “Mommy, where are you?”—but hey, five minutes alone is a luxury when you homeschool, right?

Messy Moms Welcome Here...


I started reading a really good book several months ago, which touches on the theme of prayer—how we consider prayer, how we approach God in prayer, how we live a transformed life of prayer. It's called A Praying Life, by Paul Miller. Here are a few thoughts from the book, inviting us to be real with our Heavenly Father...


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