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Songs in the Night - How Moms Can Have Authentic Joy In Hard Places

The ability to believe in the face of fierce adversity can only be described as a life-sustaining gift of God. His overflowing lovingkindness toward me was, and has always been so very great. In His perfect wisdom, He kept the storm raging all around me, and in His mercy He calmed the heart of His child.


18+ Reasons Why I Homeschool


Having a list of reasons why I homeschool helps me remember the benefits and blessings at the time of our school year when I am usually feeling most like a failure...



A Day Made in Heaven...


I don’t care what any veteran might tell you to the contrary—being a mom is hard work, no matter how long you’ve been one. Likewise, home schooling is rarely easy (like rolling-out-of-bed easy)! Somehow, I fall into the regular trap of thinking I have contributed to making our day go smoothly...


Your Child's Unique Story - How God writes the story of our lives for His glory, Part One

In the summer of 2009 my youngest son, John expressed an interest in participating as an extra in Advent Film Group’s second full-length film project, HERO, a father/son reconciliation story centered around a little league baseball team. AFG’s vision to train up the next generation of young Christian film makers so resonated with my heart and that of my late husband, Chris, that we both prayerfully agreed that John should audition for the film, and we trusted God for whatever outcome He had ordained.

Help for Stormy Attitudes


Just like rapid changes in the weather are hard to adjust to, so is a rapid downward spiral in my children’s attitudes and our conversations...What are my priorities when this happens in our home? How do I keep a faith perspective? Where do I find encouragement to respond in humility and trust in God?

A Mother's Heart - When Theology Leads to Doxology

What I’ve come to realize, even without being a biblical scholar is that the more I learn about God, the more enthralled I am with Him. The more I meditate on Christ’s wondrous love for me, pouring out His great mercy on me, the more I am astounded by the depth and height of it. Even in the midst of deep sadness and great hardship (both of which were recurring themes in my life the last several years), I find that the wellspring of God’s kindness and the riches of His grace are sweeter to me than a life of ease and pleasure without them.

Looking for Treasure under Your Own Roof, Part One - Husbands

   With a new year upon us, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the Lord’s goodness in the gift of our husbands. God has wisely provided us with just what we need, though we don’t always take the time to ponder how our husband really contributes to our family life. Your husband might be especially handy and can fix things, or he may be an encourager when you need help getting motivated in your homeschooling. Maybe your husband has to travel a lot for work, but his income provides curriculum and learning opportunities other families don’t have. If you have a husband who prays with and for you and your children you have a real gem.

The Habit of Giving Thanks


   I was looking forward to celebrating our usual Thanksgiving traditions together...However, God had another plan in mind...



Was Our Effort a Waste? – Lessons from Election Day, 2012

   The morning after the presidential election, after my kids had worked hours and hours campaigning for conservative canidates, one of the first responses Charity had was, “I feel like my hard work was a waste. We didn’t even win our county, after the thousands of doors we knocked on.” As a mom who just watched her three youngest children work very, very hard for four days with great focus, self-denial and cheerfulness, I was sincerely feeling their pain and disappointment. “Oh, Lord, how can I encourage these young people?” I silently prayed.

The Power of a Mentor

   As wives, mothers, teachers, and daughters of the King we wear many hats, moms. In addition to teaching our kids to read, write and do arithmetic, we serve as mini CEOs of our household, support our husbands in their calling at work and their leading at home, and hopefully seek after God with all our heart.From our earliest years of homeschooling, one of my greatest desires was to personally inspire my children to follow hard after God and to live lives of greatness for the glory of His name. Because I am with my children more than anyone else, my influence in their lives is probably greater than anyone except perhaps their daddy’s before he went home to be with the Lord.


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