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Healthy, Wholesome Homeschooling Part 1

   I unzipped the backpack, found the little brown lunch bag and opened it.  A whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich - smashed.  "Honey, why didn't you eat your sandwich today?" I inquired gently.  Both boys had just burst through the door after a long day of first grade at a local private school.  I opened the other backpack.  Remnants of a mangled, half-eaten sandwich remained.  Of course, no one wanted to talk about lunch...

Looking Ahead To 2013: My Promise To You

Although my role has changed in that I'm not teaching, facilitating and coordinating the homeschool study program that was such a huge part of my life, I'm definitely looking forward to encouraging you in the new year. Without you, there would be absolutely no purpose in the blog.  Whether it's an occasional read, or you check out the blog frequently --- thank you!  Whether you're new to homeschooling or are an experienced veteran, I would like to continue to provide you with a little bit of inspiration.   

Teach Me To Serve, Part I

   One of my goals for the New Year is to use my house more  -- to use our home as a hub for hospitality, ministry and refreshment for others. After all, 'service' doesn't always have to be on a large-scale basis such as flying to a foreign country or working with a well-known program or project.  It can mean that we take advantage of the ordinary, every-day opportunities we have right in our own homes and neighborhoods.  

Decided To Homeschool? Way To Go!

Having finished homeschooling my twins, all I can say is that teaching was one of the greatest ventures of my life.  It was exciting and fun and adventurous at times. Like the time I said, "Guys, drop everything.  We're going to the Frederick Airport."  I had just read in the paper that some very impressive vintage airplanes were due to land and would only be at the airport for a short time that Friday afternoon.  I abandoned the science lesson!  We happened to be studying the principles of flight, so the excursion made total sense.  The twins flipped their pencils in the air... "Alright -- we're there!" was the response.

A Cozy Dinner By The Fireplace

    How about turning your family room or dining room into a nice 'restaurant' for the night? A few nights ago, we moved our round maple table into the family room next to the hearth and had a simple meal by the fire. It was 30 degrees outside with snow on the ground from the night before, so it made the fireplace especially inviting. We turned the lights down low so that only the lights of the Christmas tree and fire were shining. We talked and laughed and ate on red plates as we enjoyed  the warm ambiance...

Christmas: Celebrating The Most Magnificent Event In History

   As part of a series on the birth of Christ, our Pastor preached a sermon entitled The Announcement to Mary.  He pointed out how the world wants to erase the virgin birth, and wants to reduce Christmas to a shopping season.  But the fact that Mary was a young woman of purity, a virgin, is a core doctrine of our Christian faith.  

Christmas Traditions

   There's so much for moms to do in December.  In addition to finishing homeschooling, there's baking, shopping, wrapping, tree trimming and decorating. 

       I encourage you not to go it alone!  Let your family help. Let your younger children get involved, too.  It'll be more fun, and you'll be making special traditions and precious memories along the way.

Just To Say Thank You


   Thank you for reading my blog!  You're busy; I know!  Your time is valuable.  You are valuable! I don't take lightly that you have many things vying for your attention.

      My goal in the blog is to share true stories or heart warming moments from my eleven years of homeschooling that will hopefully encourage you.  Victories, blunders, triumphs and failures...

 I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, defeated or just plain tired.  And I'm here for you. After all, homeschooling is an extension of mothering... there are good days & not-so-good days.

Life Lessons Learned From Telemann: Don't Quit

     It was exactly a year ago when Austin returned from the dress rehearsal for The Frederick String Initiative's annual Winter Recital.  I remember standing at the sink putting a few plates into the dishwasher. "Mom, I have some issues with the timing - just in a few spots," he said as he looked down to the floor and slowly lowered his viola case. "I'm  not sure if I'll be able to play the concerto tomorrow."

"Not play?" I swallowed hard as I tried to hide my feelings.  This was to be the first concerto - a major thing for any aspiring student musician...

An Early Christmas Gift

   We drive past a lovely manger scene which adorns the entrance to campus, followed by beautifully illuminated trees all along the boulevard.  Jay and I talk about the twins' decision to attend Liberty and how it seems to be a great fit for them -- faculty with the highest degrees, students who genuinely love the Lord, excellent academics, plenty of majors and great opportunities...


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