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A Mom's High Hopes

You sit.  You take a deep breath and wonder, "What will my child be when he or she grows up?"

    Have you asked that question recently?  Do you find yourself wondering if everything you're teaching is really sinking in to your children's hearts and minds?

     Well, let me assure you that what you say and teach today is definitely going to have an impact on your children tomorrow --as in the down-the-road tomorrows of life. 

32 Diamonds

  32 diamonds for life -- right in our mouths! Since I married a lab guy (dental technician and lab owner), I learned that taking care of our teeth is a big deal and that teeth are as precious as diamonds. 

        I learned that it's important to teach our kids about dental health at a young age, and that it's best to take a preventive approach. It's all about good habits. We either pay now for tooth cleaning and maintenance, or pay later with costly restorations and replacements.

Fact #3 About Homeschooling

Have you ever considered that homeschooling is the most natural extension of mothering?  What I mean is that all mothers are teachers.  And for those of us who wish to impart our faith to our kids -- what better way to mold, nurture & love them than to live out our faith right in front of them, hour by hour, day in, day out, month in, month out?  Homeschooling gives us the time, ability and opportunity to allow the 'roots' of our children's faith to go super deep...

Order In The House

As the soldier was thrown from his horse, his trumpet sailed through the air and landed across the field.  All he remembered was a glimpse of shining brass before everything went black...

It was a rough day in Lego land.  The battle raged.  Swords flashed, knights clashed, and horses raced to the front lines.  After it was over -- all you could see were the dead.

The Unannounced Guest, Conclusion

    ... Jay pulls into the driveway and meets Java at the front step.  

       Turns out that the previous week, the twins were out in the back yard playing 2-man baseball (however you do that!) with a tennis ball on a break after lunch.  The ball was hit into Java's yard, so one of the twins scaled the fence to retrieve it.  A normal routine for a young boy. They resumed playing their game, and never told me a thing about it.

The Unannounced Guest

This story happened on an ordinary spring day during our second year of homeschooling.  The only thing I changed is the name -- the name of the man who came knocking at our door...

    The boys and I looked out the sliding kitchen door to a tender April afternoon as we took the last bites of our turkey sandwiches.  After cleaning up their crumbs, each eight-year-old tucked the their chairs and raced upstairs to brush their teeth. I knew that they were anxious to hear me continue reading Sunken Treasure by Gail Gibbons. 

Another Good Idea For Valentine's Day

Here's another idea for Valentine's Day: A special breakfast for your husband....

What could be sweeter than having a wonderful, warm breakfast to start a winter day, especially Valentine's Day? Whether it's French toast with maple syrup, bacon and eggs, or a bowl of steaming hot oatmeal, your husband will be sure to appreciate this sweet idea...

An Idea for Celebrating Valentine's Day

What could be nicer than saying, "I love you?"   

      To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, consider making homemade cards. They're a lot more meaningful when you design them yourself. And while the kids are busy creating their cards, how about making a very special one for your husband -- even if it's just a simple 'I Love You'...


Fact #2 About Homeschooling

   The music world knows the importance of teachers.   Whenever you read a musician's bio, it always mentions the teacher with whom the student studied.  For instance, the famous classical guitarist, Christopher Parkening, in his Guitar Method, Vol. 1 book, tells the story of doing a master class with renowned Maestro Andres' Segovia.  Parkening says, "The time I spent learning from him was one of the greatest experiences of my life."

Healthy, Wholesome Homeschooling Part 2

 I remembered that my neighbor up the street had a son in ice hockey, and had mentioned that she would like to get rid of some of his old skates.  I knocked on her door and told her my request.  She rummaged through the hall closet and pulled out a pair of well-worn skates that would likely fit an eight-year-old.  Thanking her, I hurried home, but didn't tell the twins about the skates.  That afternoon, I found another pair on sale for a great price.

Tomorrow's lesson:  ice-skating.  But, That would be my secret until tomorrow after math...


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