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You're Invited

All of you are invited to our webinar, Nourish Your Family, this coming week.  I'm teaming up with a friend of mine, Dr. Belinda Roettger, to bring you encouragement, inspiration, and every-day tips as you take care of your own health and as you nurture your family. 

Thursday, March 21st @ 8:00 p.m.

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The Pronunciation Project

"Say again, please,"  I bemoaned. "Either you're mumbling, or I have a major hearing problem!" 

    After much debate, we surmised that it could be a little of both. Nonetheless, all through our homeschooling years, I reminded the boys that it was crucial to pronounce words clearly and to articulate the consonants whether speaking or reading aloud. 

Spring's Coming! Two Great Ideas For March

Do your thoughts drift as you look outside? Well, chances are -- our kids feel the same way, making it a little bit harder to concentrate. 

I'm not suggesting that you abandon today's lessons -- just that you build in a small stretch of time to go outside for some fresh air. You'll love these two fun activities...

March Is National Nutrition Month

We all want more energy and vitality, but how do we achieve it? How do we sort through all the nutrition information out there?  Buy organic, or not buy organic?  How do we ensure that our kids are taking in enough fruits and vegetables?

I'd like to invite you to join me on Thursday evening March 21st at 8:00 p.m. for a very special nutrition talk with a good friend of mine, Belinda Roettger, Ph.D.

Wishing You A Wonderful Easter Season

 If you have small children, here's a great interactive tool as you teach the true account of Christ's resurrection...

    Everyone knows that kids love to hold stuff in their little hands. They like to feel the texture of things, to engage the kinesthetic sense.  Whether it's to stroke a soft, baby chick or to feel the roughness of burlap, you're sure to keep your child's attention when you awaken their senses as you teach and tell stories...

Take Time For Art

For kids, the great thing about art is the freedom of doing something fun, creative and imaginative. It's a way for students to express their individuality, engage their imagination and think analytically as they design and build their own pieces of art.  

    My recommendation is to make art whatever you want it to be. If you have younger children, consider putting a variety of play-doh colors on the table and see what they make. Let them relax and unwind. 

Table Manners

"Boys, could you please not use your tee-shirt sleeves as napkins?"  I said countless times. 

       I reminded the guys that good manners include consideration for the people that are sitting next to you at the table. 

      There are three requests I make at dinner time: Contribute, Converse, and Compliment.

The Discovery Drawer

What do you do with the kid's tiny (but important, to them anyway) little things that they collect? I would love to hear your ideas! 

    All kinds of trinkets -- from little magnets to golf tees to "special' rocks -- what's a mother to do? Yo-yos, harmonicas, feathers...   

     Maybe it's just me, but I really struggled with this. How to stay organized and streamlined?  Hmm... 

Conversational Competence

Conversation is just like a tennis game, except that no one is trying to win. The point is that it takes two people to keep the ball in motion. You hit; I hit. I serve; you receive. The whole idea is to keep that ball moving. Different shots, styles and angles.

Here are six simple things to teach our kids about face to face conversation. Plus, they're good reminders for us!

Good Communication

Today, you're working to coordinate lessons, manage the household and see that your children are properly fed, taught and nurtured.  You've got a lot going on!

     Before everyone starts school, you decide to have the kids do chores.  And that requires the need to communicate.

    What happens when you ask your little one to fold towels?  What's the response when you ask your teenager to take out the trash?


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