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I positioned myself between and behind each swing that sunny morning almost fourteen years ago.  That way, I could alternate pushing each four-year-old.  My mind wandered as I reflected on some of the things I wanted to accomplish that day... 

   The sound of those old swings at Baker Park lulled me into a thoughtful state.  Creeeeeeek... I gave a little push with my right hand.  Creeeeeeek... my left hand offered a gentle shove to the other twin's back.  I reviewed my grocery list and today's errands. 

Moms Encourage Moms


Let me introduce you to two precious moms:  Jessica (left) and Cheryl (right, one of the coordinators) of last weekend's 2:1 (based on Titus 2:1) blogging conference at the Dulles Hilton in Herdon, Virginia. I met so many creative, dedicated and hard-working moms who are devoted to homeschooling and who talk about it via blogging ....  

Real Tweets: 5 Great Reasons To Study Birds This Spring

"I'd love to see a Baltimore Oriole," I said last April.  "I mean the bird -- not the baseball players at the stadium!" 

     ...Often at lunch time, we would look out the back sliding glass window at the many birds and hope to see that notorious flash of orange and black.  All spring, we hoped to see an oriole... 


The Cherry Blossom Festival

Finally, we have cherry blossoms!  They're late, but they're here.  An unseasonably cold March left many of us in the D.C. area wondering when exactly we might see our beloved annual blooms.

You know, our children are a lot like those little blossoms -- they'll progress in their own natural time!  Remember when they learned to crawl, walk, and talk?  We were right there to encourage, clap, and spur them on, but we didn't force them before they were ready.

Good night! Tuck Your Little Ones In Tonight

What can give our children a more secure and soothing feeling than being tucked in at night?

     I think it's easy to underestimate how valuable it is to tuck our children in at night.  Whether you like to briefly exchange hugs, kisses and good-night prayers, or opt to take a big chunk of time and go all out with story telling and a whole bedtime routine, your kids are sure to remember those nights when mom or dad tucked them in...

Teach Positive Social Skill This Spring, Part II

Yesterday we talked about the family table, and how it's a great place for kid's to learn social skills.  Where else can you find such an accepting, loving and warm place?  Also, I stated that one of the most powerful places on earth is the family table, so let's look at that...

The fact that the table is such an essential part of family life isn't  because it's the place that we highlight the day's lessons, or because our kids learn new culinary skills.  And it's not because we teach them to be good scholars or effective communicators, although those things are good.

Teach Positive Social Skills This Spring

Little ones recite their ABC's, elementary-aged children review the state's capitals, teenagers recall the best moments of the week...

I believe that one of the greatest places to teach our children is at the family table.  Positive interaction, conversation, the exchange of ideas -- it all happens here!

At The Table


It's not just about what's on the table that counts --- it's about who's around the table that's important...

Have you ever thought about the fact that every time your family gathers around the table you have a wonderful opportunity to teach? 


Conversational Competence, Continued

As a follow-up to the first blog, Conversational Competence, I wanted to clarify what I meant by reminding our kids that "shyness isn't a virtue." Here's the heart behind the message...

Obviously, people have different personalities, and that's a wonderful thing. I want to gently encourage moms to be aware of opportunities to teach our kids how to be loving and polite, and how to train them to be good conversationalists as they grow up.

Nutrition Talk Tonight, March 21st @ 8:00 p.m.

Please join me tonight as we talk about the link between nutrition and health. At 8:00 p.m., I team up with Dr. Belinda Roettger...

      Have you ever thought about how you work to take care of everyone in your family and often forget to take care of yourself? 

      One of the reasons I look forward to tonight is because I need some definite help in nutrition!


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