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The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.   ---- William Ross Wallace 

     So true, yet so easy to forget!

Hi everyone!

     In all 50 states, mothers are teaching at home, nurturing their children & managing the homestead -- raising the next generation.  It's the most important job in the world & by far the most strategic place to work! 

After The Hurricane

Dear Lord,

We call upon Your name --- praising You for Your sovereignty, Your goodness and Your mercy in our lives.  We humbly ask You to please help those who have been effected by the hurricane yesterday.  Please help the families, individuals, relief workers, churches and communities as they help one another to rebuild.  We thank You that many regions were spared, & pray that this would cause people everywhere to look to You for salvation. 

Preparing For The Hurricane: Peace In The Midst Of The Storm


   In Maryland, we are experiencing heavy rain, high winds and a range of emotions as emergency personnel encourage us to prepare for power outages, downed trees and flooding.  Of course, we're heeding the warnings as we collect flash lights & batteries, help neighbors & family, and take inventory of food, water, etc.   This afternoon, as much of the east coast prepares for hurricane Sandy, my prayer is that all of us would truly sense God's peace

1,976 Empty Seats


   Justin turned quickly to pose for me as we walked up the sidewalk to the dynamic, two-year- old concert hall & performing arts center, home to the Levine School where he took weekly lessons with classical guitarist, Douglas Rogers.  Eager to get inside to warm up on his guitar, Justin smiled slightly  and said, "Mom, only one picture, please.  I really need to go."  By now, he was used to me snapping pictures for our homeschool album.

The Man Behind the Camera: A Tribute To My Father-in-law


   I stepped carefully onto the ascending escalator at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., wondering if I had selected the right dress for a very special evening with my father-in-law, Austin Leslie Gaver, and other guests at NASA's Fortieth Anniversary Celebration of Apollo 11's July 1969 mission.  Sure, I had been to the museum countless times, but this was different...

A Poem Just For You

   One of my favorite books about mothering is Verses of Virtue - The Poetry and Prose of Christian Womanhood, compiled and edited by Elizabeth Beall Phillips of the Vision Forum.  If ever there was an inspiring, beautiful book extolling the virtues of motherhood, this is it!   There's a particular poem in the book that I would like to share with you.  I've given copies of this poem to all the young moms in my neighborhood, and always recite it when I speak (in public) to homeschooling friends.

The Calendar: Don't Let It Get Too Full


 Autumn can be a particularly busy time for homeschooling families.  With lessons to coordinate, a household to manage, children to nurture, & a marriage to maintain, sometimes it's hard to juggle everything!  Keeping the family's calendar is often an extremely challenging task, especially later in the fall as Thanksgiving approaches.

Good Citizenship: See You At The Polls

I'm reading The Connector, a newsletter from the Intercessors For America.  Their tag phrase reads:  Connecting Hearts Of Prayer For The Nation To God And Each Other!  As we are in the final 40 days before the election, they are urging the Christian community to pray, understand the issues, &  vote according to conscience as led by the Holy Spirit.  I couldn't agree with them more!

Autumn Arrives: A Wonderful Time For Field Trips

Welcome, autumn! This is definitely my favorite time of year! With its graceful falling leaves, brilliant hues of orange, and cool nights --- Autumn makes a bold arrival! Time for apples, song birds, cinnamon, sweaters and new colors. Time for all five senses to be awakened.

I know what you're thinking. It's also time to cover some major ground in school. True. I'm with you on that -- but as you think about teaching strategies for October, how about taking time for a few interesting field trips? Field trips can be a wonderful way to enhance book learning. And the best part is that we don't have to spend a lot of money.

Teach Me To Listen, Part II

It's a brilliant autumn morning, and I've already got the coffee brewing, the screen door opened for some crisp air, and the dog fed. Jay's working at home today, so we'll have a light breakfast together..... a big change from the hectic mornings, say ten years ago, when I would juggle two skillets of French toast while I thought of chores to coordinate and lessons to teach. Mmm... I can still smell the cinnamon and maple; I can still hear two little boys bounding down the steps, bright-eyed and hungry. 


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