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Life Lessons Learned From Telemann: Don't Quit

     It was exactly a year ago when Austin returned from the dress rehearsal for The Frederick String Initiative's annual Winter Recital.  I remember standing at the sink putting a few plates into the dishwasher. "Mom, I have some issues with the timing - just in a few spots," he said as he looked down to the floor and slowly lowered his viola case. "I'm  not sure if I'll be able to play the concerto tomorrow."

"Not play?" I swallowed hard as I tried to hide my feelings.  This was to be the first concerto - a major thing for any aspiring student musician...

An Early Christmas Gift

   We drive past a lovely manger scene which adorns the entrance to campus, followed by beautifully illuminated trees all along the boulevard.  Jay and I talk about the twins' decision to attend Liberty and how it seems to be a great fit for them -- faculty with the highest degrees, students who genuinely love the Lord, excellent academics, plenty of majors and great opportunities...

Greetings From Virginia --Traveling Light

   10:00 a.m. -  "We're only spending one night, Mare," Jay reminded me as I opened my small suitcase."  I was so excited to get on the road to Lynchburg, Virginia in order to see Liberty University's Symphony Orchestra performance that I couldn't concentrate on packing.  "Sure. No problem," was my response as I tossed a few sweaters and dressy black slacks into the suitcase.

Mea Culpa

   "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa." -- I'm sorry.  I said that phrase hundreds of times during our eleven years of homeschooling!  Mess-ups, errors, mistakes.  When you're homeschooling and spending tons of time together as a family, everyone sees what you do throughout the day. Mistakes become evident to all.  Like the time I was vacuuming and heard all those little things get sucked up into the cannister...

The Apricot Tree & The Little Garden

   As I taught the vocabulary and spelling lesson that Friday afternoon, I kept my head buried in the teacher's manual, trying  to stay focused and get through the lesson. I paid no attention to the clock but knew that the hours were waning. I wrote on the dry-erase board, "C followed by an e, i, or y, makes an s sound. Just like the words city, citizen or cymbal." I lacked my typical enthusiasm as I dreamily looked out the window to a sunny May afternoon. I saw each nine-year-old take quick glances to the window too...

May Thanksgiving Continue

   It was the 24th of September as I snuck through the garden entrance of our local Walmart that morning.  I wanted to avoid the visual onslaught of dreadful Halloween costumes at the front door.  Also, I was still in my sweats. It  was one of those mornings where I skipped the lipstick and hairbrush because I figured that I wouldn't run into anyone.  Of course, that's usually when I see everyone in town including my husband's new clients... 

Cookies & Milk


   White baking flour covered the kitchen floor, the countertop, my jeans, and the twins' noses.  Measuring cups were strewn about, mixing bowls sat side by side as the twins balanced themselves on chairs pulled up to the little island in the center of the kitchen.  It was their first time making cookies, and I stood there wondering why in the world I had decided to double the recipe!

My Math Dilemma

   In 2001 when I first began teaching at home, I was so excited to get started. Feeling called by the Lord and compelled to teach the boys in a home setting, I went to great lengths to set up a cozy little room upstairs, get all the right books, attend homeschool conferences, and consult with experienced homeschooling moms. That summer, the twins turned seven, and by the time fall arrived -- I was completely ready! Or so I thought....

Aim for Consistency

   Are you wondering why I chose this golf picture?   Well,  I have a good explanation!  Every athlete has a goal; they're aiming for a successful end result.  Golfers want a hole-in-one, baseball players want the homerun, runners want the quickest time.  They may not always achieve their goal, but they're certainly trying for consistency on a daily basis.  Similarly, in teaching, we have certain goals to accomplish each day in order to achieve our end result - kids who graduate high school and are prepared to do whatever the Lord calls them to do.

Handwriting: It's Still Important

   I love paper, pens and pencils!  Yes,  I realize that we're becoming a paperless society and that it's good to conserve, but I can't begin to think of cutting back on my post-it notes, boxed Hallmark cards or plain old college-ruled notebook paper.  


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