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Think Pretty (Part 2)

We're picking up this week with the second part of Think Pretty. Check out part 1 of Think Pretty from a few weeks ago.

Three strategies to preserve your brain: According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are six main strategies to preserve your brain, and below are the first three. (Of course, these are most effective when done together.) I will address the other three in a future blog post.

Think Pretty (Part 1)


When I was a little girl, my mom used to tell me each morning as I headed off to school: “Think Pretty.” As I became older, I came to understand that she meant that I should think about lovely things: the good - not the bad, the beautiful - not the ugly. That I should look for the “pretty” in each and every day. 

Helping Your Children Realize Their Biggest Dreams

Today’s post is a bit unorthodox. You will hear about an incredible new audio drama by Phil Lollar, co-creator of Adventures in Odyssey, and what YOU can do to help make it a reality. (It’s called Iliad House and you’re about to get the inside scoop because I am a member of the team!) 

You will also find out the dirty little secret behind why I never became a veterinarian. But most importantly, you will hear the practical steps that my parents and mentors have taken to help me realize my dreams so that you can help YOUR children do the same. (Get ready to be impressed by how many things you are already doing to help make your kids’ dreams come true!) So today’s post is a little about me, but it is mostly about you.

From Guatemala To Your Kitchen Table

Guatemala is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There are seven active volcanoes, a climate that is "eternal spring," a diverse topography that takes your breath away, a history that dates back many centuries and a population that is open, warm, and loving. In contrast, it is also the most desperate place I have ever visited! Although we stayed in a wonderful resort located in a beautiful section of the city (where they actually mop the sidewalks at least once a day), you only had to travel a short distance to see how most Guatemalans really live (or maybe it is more accurate to say die.) 

Just One Thing...


As a Registered Nurse, I am often asked, "Is there one specific thing I can do to improve my child's health?" As a former home educator, I was often asked, "Is there one specific thing I can do to enhance my child's learning?" The answer is the same for both questions and it all begins with the brain...


Lessons from Romeo


Our beloved little dog of 11 years died. He was actually Megan’s dog. We all loved him, but maybe not as much as she did. After all, she named him "Romeo" and the two have been virtually inseparable since the day she brought him home.

As we have moved through this difficult week, I have made several observations and have had a couple of insights I would like to share...

The Magic of Ordinary Days

I LOVE ordinary days - I find them simply magical. I am very blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that I love, doing work that I relish, in a place I find beautiful. But that has not always been the case for me, and it may not be the case for you at this moment. The Christmas season tends to bring out the best and worst in all of us...the good stuff is so much better and the less-than-good things are so much harder.

But regardless of our circumstances, we can choose to make a lot of our blessings and little of our troubles...

Joyeux Noël!

“Home for The Holidays”

- it's a song, a film, and a sentiment that is rather hackneyed this time of year. I love being home for the holidays, but I decided to think a little bit bigger this year. Bigger than connecting with my out-of-state grandparents. Bigger than making time to enjoy festive traditions with my local family and friends. Bigger than our Christmas cookie contest (although that was very interesting!)

Why You Should LOL :)

   Among the many things I learned during the seven weeks of my flight attendant training, were passenger safety, customer service, cultural sensitivity, and how to deal with terrorists.... All very interesting and needful topics for my foray into the friendly skies. However, the lesson that helped me the most in my career and personal life was not found in the 200+ page training manual I received. Now as a mom, you may think that the terrorist training would have been the most valuable lesson (and there were days that I would have agreed with you!), but the lesson I am referring to was actually much more powerful than that.  I call it my secret weapon! 

Your Incredible Family Part II

   We don’t know about you but we are both very example-oriented learners. We watch YouTube tutorials and read how-to books like they are about to be banned (if the government banned Supers, who knows what’s next!) Creating our own Personal Purpose Statements was no exception. A really helpful part of the process was reading the purpose statements of other people, particularly people who are in the public eye enough to see how their purpose statements color and craft their daily lives. So, here are a couple of our favorite Personal Purpose Statement examples...


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