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Virginia’s Religious Freedom Should be Prized—Not Scrutinized


A state delegate’s proposal to “study” Virginia’s religious exemption to compulsory education laws has given rise to an unsettling debate—one that could prove harmful to both homeschooling and religious liberty. 

Filed early this year, Del. Thomas Rust’s resolution stems from several recent events connected with the religious exemption. 

Romeikes Thankful for a Chance at Justice

A German homeschool family seeking asylum in America has reason to be thankful this week—for there’s hope the U.S. Supreme Court may hear their case.

It’s more than a little poignant that the Romeike family should receive heartening news about the same time we celebrate Thanksgiving. Our national holiday, after all, commemorates the survival of the first religious refugees to settle in what would become the United States.

Homeschoolers Push Back against Restrictive Rules

On May 31, 2013, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled in favor of HSLDA members Eric Thacker and his wife, Gail Morgan-Thacker, pictured here with their children.


When it comes to protecting parental rights and homeschool freedom, HSLDA and its members make a pretty potent team.

In short, homeschool activists have convinced state education officials to reconsider changes they wanted to make in response to a state Supreme Court case--a case argued and won by HSLDA.

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