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CLOSED | GIVEAWAY - Celebrating Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day

If you haven't already heard, today is Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day (HTAD)! We've been sharing encouraging content all throughout the week on social media just for you, homeschool teachers!

And to let you know we value you, homeschooling teachers, we're hosting a giveaway right here on the blog.

What Homeschool Teachers Really Want on April 23!

First of all, you're probably wondering what is so important about April 23, huh? Well, April 23 just so happens to be Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day. And we here at HSLDA want to help you, homeschool teachers, celebrate that special day! This entire week we’ll be sharing encouraging content on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that’s geared towards the hardworking homeschool moms and dads around the world!

Your One Stop Shop for Pi Day!


Did you know that today is National Pi Day? And not just that, it's a very special Pi Day because you won't get to see one like it until March 14, 2115! Today, Pi Day 2015, will be the only Pi Day for the next 100 years that reflects the first five numbers in that well-loved irrational number, pi, which is 3.1415 (March 14, 2015).

GIVEAWAY - Inside the Common Core: Its Creation and Effects

We're giving away 5 copies of the Building the Machine DVD here on the blog!

The documentary introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative (CCSSI) and its effects on our children’s education. This DVD set (the original documentary, bonus parent interviews, and six supplementary episodes) tells the Common Core’s story in the words of leading educational experts, including members of the Common Core Validation Committee, along with parents, teachers, and a social worker.

Homeschool Now USA - Promoting Homeschooling During School Choice Week

What better way is there to welcome in the New Year than the opportunity to choose a school for your children? Should you choose public school, private school, or perhaps a charter school? How about homeschooling? There are many options to choose from. And with School Choice Week coming up January 25-31, we're here to encourage parents nationwide that they can homeschool!

We Want To Hear From You! - NEW Student Photo ID Card

Because we want to provide our members with the best service possible, HSLDA would like your feedback about a newly revised product we’d like to offer you!

We have a new student photo ID card in the works which we believe is sturdier and more attractive.

Do you agree?

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Bright Spots - 6-Year-Old Virginia Girl, Too Smart and Must Be Homeschooled

The youngest person ever to qualify for the National Spelling Bee jumped and splashed around in a stream hunting for rocks, tadpoles, and all manner of slimy things.

 With a look of impish delight, she came charging up the bank towards her mother.

"Hold on to that basalt," Lori Anne Madison said to her mother in her best bossy 6-year-old's voice, "and do not drop it."

Bright Spots - GenJ Student's Generous Donation

Sophie Lohrman’s birthday was fast approaching. But instead of a typical birthday party of balloons, cake and confetti, Sophie had something different in mind. 

   Only a few weeks before, Sophie had been in her room listening to a radio program called Adventures in Odyssey broadcasted by Focus on the Family. While listening to the program, Sophie heard about a fundraiser called rock-a-thon. This piqued her interest. Why not do a rock-a-thon for my eleventh birthday party? 

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