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Light It Up Blue - World Autism Awareness Day



April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, and to celebrate, thousands of people are coming together to “Light It Up Blue”. Find out more at




The U.S. Government Wants to Deport This Family | You Can Help Keep Them Here!


Uwe and Hannelore Romeike were persecuted for homeschooling in Germany. They fled to the United States after facing exorbitant fines, forcible removal of their children, and possible imprisonment. The Romeikes were granted political asylum. The U.S. government appealed and the Board of Immigration Appeals reversed, ordering the Romeikes to be deported. HSLDA is appealing their case to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Oral arguments are scheduled for April 23, 2013.

Harmony Rising: Online Music School Enriching Homeschoolers

Jeremiah Baker began playing the saxophone at age twelve. Immediately he fell in love with the instrument, and knew that his life’s purpose was to share the joy and love of music with the world. Being from a very small town in Virginia and having very few resources, Jeremiah had no idea what lay in store for him. But despite the odds he remained positive and focused.


Bright Spots - Indiana Student Wins Second Annual Sikorsky Helicopter 2050 Challenge

   While many teens went on vacation and relaxed on a sunny beach last summer, homeschooler Ethan Chu was hard at work designing a helicopter. And his research and hard work paid off. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX), and By Kids For Kids Co., an organization that inspires kids to become successful inventors, awarded Indiana teenager, Ethan Chu, the Igor Sikorsky Youth Innovator Award for his conceptual design of a circular-shaped medical evacuation helicopter.

Bright Spots - First American Girl in Weight Class to Compete in the Youth Olympic Festival

   Only five girls and five boys were chosen by the USA Judo and Olympic Committee to represent the USA in the Youth Olympic Festival. The Festival is taking place in Sydney, Australia in January 2013This is the first year the United States was asked to participate. One girl and one boy were chosen out of each weight class. Weight class 52 kilos had to decide between two girls. Both girls were fantastic in Judo, but the Olympic Committee could only pick one.

CLOSED - Give Them Grace Book Giveaway!

   The HSLDA Store is giving away two free copies of the book Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson! To enter, all you have to do is share your answer to this question, “What is your favorite Holiday Tradition?

   We’ll randomly select two winners from all the entrants! Hurry, because the giveaway ends this Friday, December 14, at midnight eastern standard time! Tell your friends and family!

Bright Spots - Faith To Move Mountains, Homeschool Team Wins Film Competition

On the evening of August 19th, 300 participants in the 24-hour filmmaking competition in Toowoomba, Australia awaited eagerly for the awards of the 2012 Origin8 Fast Film Festival to be announced. Each team (of the 300 participants) had received a list of 8 objects they had to integrate in their film including a musical instrument, someone reading, a record, a sock, a roundabout, unlocking, a bus stop and hairspray.Out of the 44 teams involved in the competition, one team stood out above the rest...

"I Am Just One Man", The Wunderlich's Fight for the Freedom to Homeschool

Judge: Homeschooling “Damages” Kids

     Arguing that homeschooling is an abuse of parental authority and that it damages children, a German district court in Darmstadt transferred the custody rights of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich’s four children to the Juhendamt, Germany’s child protective agency.

(Closed) Meet the Skeptic Book Giveaway!

   The HSLDA Store is giving away five free copies of the book Meet the Skeptic by Bill Foster! To enter, all you have to do is share your answer to this question, “What is your favorite quote about wisdom?

   You should also drop by Home School Heartbeat this week to listen to Mike Farris interview Bill Foster about Meet the Skeptic! You can listen in here.


Bright Spots - Her Heart Through Homeschooling [Part 2]

   Homeschooling has always been at heart of everything God has done in and through Eden Eskaros and her missions.  After helping to raise donations of over 1,000 pairs of shoes for children in Mexico, Eden (affectionately called Eme by her friends and family) took on the vision of bringing school supplies, donations and resources on a return trip to Mexico in order to build and start a school.

   These ministry outreach opportunities would not have been available to Eme had she been going to a regulated school. In an interview, Mrs. Eskaros explains how homeschooling “has been at the very heart of everything God has done in and through Eden and missions”.


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