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Mar 19, 2013

You're Invited

MaryAnn Gaver

All of you are invited to our webinar, Nourish Your Family, this coming week.  I'm teaming up with a friend of mine, Dr. Belinda Roettger, to bring you encouragement, inspiration, and every-day tips as you take care of your own health and as you nurture your family. 

                                             Thursday, March 21st @ 8:00 p.m.

                                                 HSLDA's at home e-events

Dr. Roettger's vast experience in Biological Engineering and her warm, approachable style as a homeschooling mom will leave you informed and enlightened as you glean new ideas for your journey toward better health. 

I plan to share a very short story that happened a few years back, then I'll hand the baton to Dr. Roettger. Find out more information on the web at nourishingfamilies.net

I'm looking forward to seeing you then!

All the best,