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Aug 20, 2013

You're Going To Soar!

MaryAnn Gaver

Wide-eyed and smiling, the four-year-old twins looked up at me. This was their first flight, and their own dad (my husband, Jay) was the pilot. The boys held my hand as they jumped up and down like Mexican jumping beans, hardly able to contain their excitement. Just then, I looked at that long, dark runway and wondered if everyone noticed that I was not my usual enthusiastic self....

I thought, "Okay ---  All four of us are flying together. What if we need to make a forced landing? Are we going to crash? Is our will up to date?" As a daughter of a pilot, I should have known better! I was surprised at the thoughts that inundated my mind. After all, I started flying with my dad at age four!

 ...A well-trained pilot, a sound aircraft, and a deep trust in God -- what was I worried about? I tried to get a grip on my thoughts to keep them from drifting.

I took a deep breath, said a prayer, and summoned my girlhood courage as I looked up to a brilliant blue sky. After a quick drink of water in the small terminal, I found the family sitting near the fence in front of the runway...

"Boys, I'm taking you for your first plane ride today," Jay announced as the twins snuggled next to him on the bench that Saturday at our local airport.  

We took off.

We flew.

We landed!

I share this story because it reminds me so much of the common fears that moms face as they embark on homeschooling. Fear. Doubt. Feelings of inadequacy. "Will I fail?  Will I ruin my kids? What if we crash?" 

So, I'm here to encourage you to dismiss those thoughts as soon as they arrive. Remember that you are ready. You will succeed! 

Just like our flight that beautiful Saturday afternoon, our eleven years of homeschooling ... there might be a little turbulence here and there ... but the plane will land. You'll do fine!

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Enjoy the ride.