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Aug 9, 2012

Your Home Needs You

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi moms!

Today as I walked out to get the mail from the mailbox, I felt like I was at Death Valley -- not because of the heat, but because of the absence of people. No kids were out playing and the only sound to be heard were the birds. Sure, there are a few moms tending their households (one is next door, has a beautiful new baby, and is doing a wonderful job taking care of her husband, six-year-old son and newborn), but for the most part, no one's home. It's kind of sad to see kids hurried off to day camps and return exhausted at around five o'clock in the afternoon.  The question becomes, "Where have all the mothers gone?"

In order to have an orderly, peaceful, loving home we must be there - at least some of the time. I believe that the mother really sets the tone for the household, and if the house had a soul --- it would definitely be the mother. That might sound kind of odd, but the point is that our husbands and children (our homes) need us!

In Scripture, we see that mothers made the home their central concern; it was the place of industry, nurturing  and teaching. In Proverbs 31, everything this faithful woman does is centered on benefiting her husband and children. I love what my Pastor says as he encourages all the moms in the congregation, "Everything you need to be a great mom is contained in this Book (the Bible)."

I think that C.H. Spurgeon says it so well: "Home is the grandest of all institutions."

So, today let your joy permeate all you do at home! Consider Proverbs 31:27:

"She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness."

And remember -- with God's help, keep being the best mom you can be!