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Dec 6, 2013

A Word of Encouragement

Michael Farris

Yesterday I spoke to a national gathering of state legislators about the Convention of the States. We gained a great number of new legislative sponsors which is a real encouragement. But, I wanted to share will all of you another form of encouragement that I experienced at that meeting.

At the lunch table, one of the national staffers for this coalition of state legislators (who is a well-known expert on controlling government spending despite his relative youth) told me at lunch that in high school he had been a debater in the NCFCA homeschool debate league that my daughter, Christy and I launched years ago through HSLDA. 

And then right after one of my speeches, I met a young man who was a lobbyist for the coalition of faith-based medical sharing organizations who have successfully preserved their freedom despite the debacle of Obamacare. He told me that he took my online high school class in Constitutional Law when he was younger.

Then, one of the speakers at our workshop on the Convention of States was Robert Kelly, a recent honors graduate of Pepperdine Law School. Robert is staff counsel for Convention of States. Robert was one of my former moot court stars from Patrick Henry College. 

These are not the only three young people who have come through the homeschooling ranks who are making a difference in our country. But, to have that many in such close proximity on the same day was a sign to me that our movement has really penetrated the leadership of this country.

And, two of the state legislators that were in the audience had been homeschooled. About a dozen state legislators told me that they were or had been homeschooling parents. 

We will not solve all of America’s problems in one day or with one solution. But, it gives me great encouragement to see tangible evidence that all of the work from all of the parents who taught their children at home in hope that it would impact liberty has, in fact, begun to bear real fruit.

-Mike Farris