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Mar 7, 2013

Why Read Our Newsletter

Becky Cooke

Did you know Diane and I (HSLDA high school consultants) write a free, monthly email newsletter? We’ve done so for quite a few years so you can imagine the wealth of information available in them. The next question is, “Do you wish to receive this newsletter in your email box the first Thursday of each month?” You simply have to sign up for it on our high school website. If you are hesitating because you just don’t have time to read one more thing, I’d like to proffer some reasons why it’s worth receiving and reading.

We write on topics specific to high school and take the opportunity to flesh them out in more depth. For instance, if you want ideas on how to teach writing to your children, we wrote about that. Maybe you need help with record keeping; we have a newsletter that will help you. Or, your son has been accepted to some colleges and interviews are part of the process. We talk about the important ways to prepare. All of these past newsletters are available for you in our newsletter archive. But if you want the hot off the press edition, be sure to sign up to receive it.

Another reason to get the newsletters is for the fresh ideas we send your way. Ideas such as how to enrich your teen’s summers, interesting course offerings, fun activities for your family and more.

We also know how important encouragement is to homeschool parents. Several times a year the Lord lays a message on our hearts to pass along to you. From many of your responses, He’s never late in His timing. Those of you who don’t get our letters surely won’t want to miss them.

The newsletter sidebar always lists our upcoming speaking engagements. You’ll be able to note when we will be in your area. If you have time, we invite you to attend the event because we enjoy meeting parents we have corresponded with or spoken to on the phone. We also know this is another source of encouragement for you.

Do you already receive our newsletter and enjoy it? Please pass the word to other homeschool parents, encouraging them to take advantage of such a valuable, free resource. If you don’t receive it, try it out; I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.