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Jul 15, 2013

Why American History

Becky Cooke

I trust that you all had wonderful opportunities to celebrate our nation’s birthday on July 4th. The music, food and fireworks always fill me with pride and patriotism for our country and thankfulness for the gift of freedom that we hold.

You may have seen this You Tube video that circulated around the 4th; but if not, take a few minutes to look at it: What is the Fourth of July? Did it give you added motivation to teach Civics, US History, and US Government to your teens in high school?

If you are looking for curricula for the upcoming school year in these subjects, we have some listed in the Individual Subject Curriculum section of the HSLDA high school website. Let me highlight a few for you.

Generation Joshua has a one semester civics course that covers not only our government system but also encourages how to develop good citizenship.

Are you looking for fresh ideas for teaching US History? Take a look at Bill Bennett’s, Road Map to America: The Last Best Hope. This course treats our country’s history as a grand narrative with all the intrigue, romance, drama, etc. that was involved. Or, maybe you prefer integrating the history with literature so your student will get the facts and figures along with the “man on the street’s” views of the times in which he lived. There are a number of providers who give you this option – Notgrass, Konos, Tapestry of Grace, Illuminations, My Father’s World, and more.

Even though you may cover government in Civics, it is important to study the founding documents and branches of government in depth. Teaching a US Government course will immerse your teens in the Constitution and how it sets forth the blue print for Congress, the President, the court system and states’ rights.  Your teens are tomorrow’s leaders and it’s important that they be knowledgeable and wise as they guide their families, communities, states and country.

Don’t forget what Winston Churchill said: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Let’s not do so.