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Jul 31, 2014

What being a Homeschooling Widow has Taught Me

Tracy Klicka MacKillop

In 2012 (two and a half years after my husband Chris passed away), I shared what being a homeschooling widow is like—that feeling of being alone when you need practical help around the home, missing that listening ear (which so often our husbands gave us, along with their prayers and encouragement), and desperately wanting at times the stabilizing presence of a father in the lives of your children (we KNOW we can’t be a mom AND a dad, no matter how hard we try!).

Well, this fall it will be five years since my husband passed away, and while I still miss the godly man I was married to for over 25 years, I am seeing my season as a widow as an opportunity to show others the faithfulness of God, especially to children who are learning who He is.

A couple years ago a gentleman in our church scheduled to teach the children about the widow in the Bible God provided for (Psalms 146:9, Proverbs 15:25, I Timothy 5:3; James 1:27), and he asked me if I would share for a few minutes before his lesson. I was happy to talk to the children and asked the Lord to give me the message He wanted me to share.

The idea the Lord gave was to show the children a picture of a classy restaurant, beautifully decorated with an abundance of appealing food served on large platters and trays. This is what we all would like to enjoy I told the children, yet life isn’t always like this.

Sometimes the Lord lets our lives look like this; then I showed them a picture of a restaurant, with its brick building somewhat in shambles and with construction going on all around inside and outside. They could clearly see the dust and disarray, and that the restaurant was in no position to be open serving delicious food.

What we see when life is like this, is the mess and the brokenness. We can’t see the good work God is doing to remodel our lives and get us ready for heaven. We can’t see the banquet He is preparing for us as His bride. He lets us see a little bit of a sneak preview of His redemptive work now, through the power of Christ’s life in us, but it isn’t until we see Jesus face to face that our building will be completely made new. We’ll have new bodies ready for eternal life with Him.

While we’re waiting for that day, I told the children, we can know that God will always care for us. He gives us help, and comfort, and power, and assurance of His love. In fact, God will provide for everything we need if we take refuge in Him (Psalm 34:8-9). Best of all, the Father has freely given us the His Son, Jesus! (II Cor. 9:15)

I ended my time with the children by sharing a song the Lord had given me the night before, which I titled, The Widow’s Song:


Verse One:

I am not alone

My God takes care of me

He’s ruling on the throne

And He gives me all I need



God will always care for me (I can trust in Him)

Yes, He will always care for me…

Jesus will care for me


Verse Two:

God is with me in the night

Even when I cannot see

His Word’s always my light

And He helps me to believe that…Chorus



Even though trials will come

You still will be with me

You keep me safe within Your love

You are so good to me…to me.


I closed by telling the kids, “God gave me the song to sing again and again to help me remember His promise to care for me as a widow, and that promise is true for each of you, His children.”

How important it is for us to teach our children this lesson, while they are little and over and over as they grow up. Thankfully, we don’t all have to be widows or widowers to learn this beautiful truth about our heavenly Father!

Enjoy the journey ... there's no place like home,