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Jul 8, 2013

Welcome Summer

MaryAnn Gaver

What comes to mind when you think of your own childhood summers? Swimming on hot days, camping in the backyard, chasing those elusive butterflies, or running through the cold sprinkler? Side-walk chalk and jump rope? Gardens and snow-cones? Walking barefoot in the grass? However you spent your summers growing up, I encourage you to savor the upcoming moments and days with your family throughout the season ahead...

     I have many delightful summer memories from girlhood days, but there are a few that stand out.  I loved the summer that my dad taught me to swim, and the time we made homemade ice-cream together as a family on our back patio. When it was my turn to churn, I felt like my arm would fall off, but I didn't care. That chocolate ice-cream was so cold and wonderful that it was worth any momentary suffering!  Another precious memory is the one August that my mom helped us to make a beautiful stone-lined path in the woods of our back yard.

     It was all about time with family -- maybe a game of badminton after dinner in the back yard, or a bike ride after morning chores. Sometimes after we ate, my mom would hand each of us a ripe peach (along with a stern warning not to choke on the big seed), and send us out to sit on the front porch or lawn. I can still taste those juicy peaches -- the kind that drip down your arm after that first big bite.     

     Today summer's officially here. And it happens to be the day that we have the most sunlight.  With that thought, I'd like to encourage you to savor every wonderful moment! The days are sure to fly by in no time.

     Until next time, God bless you.