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Oct 28, 2013

We Are Go For Launch

MaryAnn Gaver

I thought back to that trip to Cape Canaveral, FL in our early days of marriage to see a space shuttle flight.  We woke up way too early---something like 4 a.m.----to catch a bus to the launch site. Because Jay's dad (see the blog, A Tribute) handled the audio-visual aspects of the launch, he arranged for us to be on the press pad with the media, families, and associates of NASA. Seven seconds to go....

Turns out that the launch was scrapped at the very last moment because of some kind of technical engineering glitch which made absolutely no sense to me. I surmised that it was because of a fleck of pesky dust on the telescope or a misplaced tile, and suggested that we head back to the hotel for a little more sleep---

Weeks later, that shuttle did take off and successfully achieved its mission. I was glad to hear that, but sorry that we didn't get to see the launch. Here's a photo of my father-in-law at Cape Canaveral where it all happened.

You know---with homeschooling, beginning can sometimes be the hardest step. I felt a little scared when we began to teach at home. (Fact #1) The whole concept was rather daunting. My kids' success in education was now up to me! Ahh! (See Fact #2)

But, if we don't start---we can't begin to enjoy the blessings that homeschooling offers. In the Cherry Blossom blog, I talk about some benefits that I noticed when we took the boys out of school to teach them here at home.

So, in a sense, homeschooling is about the journey---but it's also about taking that first step into the unknown (See Fact #3)---launching your own teaching program.

My suggestion for anyone who's contemplating homeschooling is to go for it. You might be tired of doing damage- control after your child returns home from public school, and may be concerned about the negative aspects and influences of our public school system.

Do you feel that God is calling you to homeschool? Then start counting down the days until you teach at home! For more encouragement, please see the blogs: You're Going To SoarYour Important Role and A Mom's High Hopes.

Fast forward twelve years --

Once again, we visited Cape Canaveral, this time as a homeschooling field trip.  We toured the grounds and museum, but unfortunately  couldn't time our vacation to see an actual shuttle launch. The boys still enjoyed finding out things like, "How does an astronaut brush his teeth when he's in space?" and other vitally important questions from an elementary perspective.

And, just to keep things in perspective -- here's a photo in front of the Space Shuttle Discovery at the National Air and Space Museum / Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. If your kids like aviation and space -- you'll love this place! It's like a huge airplane hangar, airplanes hanging everywhere.

Remember, when you homeschool -- you're part of something really big. Be faithful and keep teaching!