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Mar 6, 2014


MaryAnn Gaver

The homeschooling community and proponents of school choice all over the world are still rejoicing over the wonderful news that the Romeike family is allowed to stay in the United States. After seeking asylum because of Germany's persecution of homeschoolers, all of us watched and hoped and prayed that they wouldn't be sent back ...

When the Supreme Court declined the Romeike case, I couldn't help but think of how I'd feel if this was our family. What if we were going through this?

So, as we continue to thank God for this timely victory, may our commitment to direct our children's education remain firm and purposeful. I applaud HSLDA's commitment to faithfully protect and fight for our homeschooling freedoms. 

Yes, I believe that God intervened, and am so thankful for the outcome. I'm also thankful that HSLDA exists to defend and advance our constitutional rights as parents to oversee and direct our children's education.  

As we celebrate and reflect, let's share this great news with our friends and family—and renew our commitment to stand together as members of HSLDA, united in purpose.

Onward in Christ! Onward in homeschooling!

May the Lord bless you as you teach today. Keep on!