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Feb 15, 2013

The Unannounced Guest, Conclusion

MaryAnn Gaver


   ( A Continuation of The Unannounced Guest)

    ... Jay pulls into the driveway and meets Java at the front step.  

       Turns out that the previous week, the twins were out in the back yard playing 2-man baseball (however you do that!) with a tennis ball on a break after lunch.  The ball was hit into Java's yard, so one of the twins scaled the fence to retrieve it.  A normal routine for a young boy. They resumed playing their game, and never told me a thing about it.

     What I would later learn was that the tennis ball had conveniently landed  about a foot inside Java's pool cover, & that one of the twins handed his brother an ice hockey stick (over the fence) in order to retrieve it.  

     So, the boys were in the wrong, but I think Java completely overreacted.  Okay, they should've asked permission to go into his yard, & definitely shouldn't have gotten anywhere near his pool cover.  But being eight means you don't always think things through, especially when you have a twin urging, "Would you please just get the ball?"

     Jay patched things up with Java & we talked to the twins about neighborly protocol.  But here's why I share the story:   Not everyone is as enthusiastic about homeschooling as we are.  There are quite a few people that are against it, as I would quickly learn.  

      What if Java hadn't come over himself, but had reported to the police that the boys weren't being schooled or made some other outlandish charge?  What would I have done then?

      That's where HSLDA comes in.  We were already members at the time of this incident, so in the back of my mind, I knew that I could always call them if we were challenged in any way.     Being a member always gave me great peace of mind,  knowing that if we ever had a problem, they were just a phone call away. 

      In the last issue of the Home School Court Report (Autumn 2012), there's an excellent article called Protecting Your Front Door that's definitely worth reading, so I encourage you to check it out.

     Well, in the end, the day was salvaged, & we were able to go back to the couch to finish Sunken Treasure.  "Mel Fisher's twenty-five year search is finally over.  Resting on the ocean floor, 55 feet below, is the Atocha's fabled treasure --- glinting gold bars, jewelry, gold and silver coins, and other precious finds,"  I read on. The rest of the day was smooth.

      Have a wonderful day.  And, by all means, if you're not already a member of HSLDA, I highly encourage you to join.  You never know when you might need them.