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May 2, 2013

Today Is the Nat'l. Day of Prayer and Holocaust Remembrance Day

MaryAnn Gaver

One of the greatest privileges we have is to pray -- to bring our praises and petitions before our loving and merciful God.  And when we homeschool, we have many opportunities throughout the day to teach our children what it means to pray.

It's precious to hear little ones pray! Whether it's a simple prayer whispered as tiny tears drip down round, wet cheeks while you apply that band-aid to a skinned knee, or a precious bedtime moment when a granddaughter pours out her heart about an aging grandparent  -- we have a unique chance to encourage, foster, and guide small children to pray about everything. It's a beautiful thing! 

As our kids grow -- they learn what it truly means to intercede for others, and how to offer praise, thanksgiving and glory to God. Please see: All For Prayer.

Whatever you're doing today, please remember to pray for our nation!  Obviously, we're in dire straights. But we can't give up, and must continually remind ourselves that our hope is in Jesus Christ who ultimately reigns, rules, and conquers!  And think about this -- No one can defeat God! I love that thought!

Also, for high schoolers: Talk about the Holocaust today and the events that led up to those unspeakable atrocities. Help them answer the question of what happens when a nation like ours forgets God. Encourage your student to delve deep in studying World History and American History. I highly recommend the following books for your high schooler (and had my guys read them in their junior summer):

      Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas

      When A Nation Forgets God by Erwin W. Lutzer

      Leap Into Darkness by Leo Bretholtz   

      (There are many others -- but these are great for starters...)

The last reminder is to please pray for and support those who are in the marketplace standing up for what's right. They're helping to restore America's spiritual health.

This list isn't comprehensive by any means! I applaud all people who are concerned for America.

       Here's a few:  (off the top of my head, not in any particular order)

       Faith and Action ( based in Washington D.C.) -  FaithAndAction.org

       A.C.L.J.  The American Center For Law And Justice (Jay Seculow) - ACLJ.org

       International Fellowship Of Christians and Jews  - ifcj.org

       Patriot Voices - (Rick Santorum) - PatriotVoices.com

       H.S.L.D.A. - Home School Legal Defense Association - hslda.org

       Intercessors For America - GetAmericaPraying.com

       Focus on the Family - FocusOnTheFamily.com

       Parental Rights - ParentalRights.org

       Family Life Today - FamilyLife.com

       Concerned Women For America - cwfa.org

...And many, many others -- organizations that exist to restore the sanctity of life, marriage, and seek to acknowledge God publicly. Most of all, our own Pastors are the ones that are praying for hearts to be changed, which is the real issue. They're there to look after the soul of America.

So, keep teaching your children how to pray. Especially today! 

Keep on!