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Jul 31, 2013

Teach Hospitality: 3 Ideas

MaryAnn Gaver

This summer, why not teach the kids what it means to give a warm welcome? Although hospitality may seem like a lost art, let's revive our passion to use our homes as lighthouses in a dark world by inviting people over. Forget about cleaning and having the perfect house -- we're talking about reality here...

    When you have a moment, please see the blogs, Teach Me To Serve, Part I and At The Table which emphasize the vital importance of home, and the value eating together. But today, I'd like you to consider how we can use our homes and tables to reach out to people. 

  One of the early hallmarks of the early Church was hospitality. Throughout the New Testament, we see many examples of Christians who received one another by generously opening their homes for meals, fellowship, and teaching.

     All of us can practice hospitality. Whether we serve a quiet meal to neighbors, or share a cup of freshly-brewed ice tea out on the patio with friends or extended family, your example will speak volumes to your kids.

    Welcoming people into our homes is a great way to show love, and it's something that the whole family can do. Even small children can put ice into glasses or help set the table.

    Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Host an ice-cream sundae party where everyone brings a topping.
  • Reach out to neighbors and ask them over for ice-tea or homemade lemonade on a summer night.
  • Plan an after-church lunch or potluck dinner with friends.

     Remember -- it doesn't have to be about the food. Sitting around the table with friends, or gathering outside for lemonade can be a wonderful way to extend hospitality this summer. Set up the badminton net or pop some popcorn. Be creative and have fun!

   Enjoy opening your home this summer. And, as always --- keep teaching!

   For one more blog about the family table, please see Teach Positive Social Skills This Spring. Thanks for reading!