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Dec 31, 2013

The Snow Day!

MaryAnn Gaver

Five inches. The snow started to fall silently about six the other morning, and ended splendidly before noon. I know that's a tiny amount for those of you in Minnesota, but here in Maryland, that's a decent snowfall―enough to close the public schools and make a big morning jam on our Washington beltway...

For those of us with a short commute―kitchen to upstairs homeschool room (now office), we welcomed the snowfall wholeheartedly. In keeping with a tradition we have here on our block, Nathan, a homeschooler next door, came over and shoveled our driveway―just like my guys used to do for our neighbors back in their homeschooling years. 

I always thought it was funny when people learned that we homeschooled, and asked, "What do you do when it snows? Do you take snow days?" And my response was always the same. "Of course we take snow days! To sit in that upstairs room doing school all day long when that gorgeous snow is falling, well, that's hard for two active boys. So, yes―we believe in fresh air, exerciseand snow days!"

So, to all of you in the colder climates, I encourage you to enjoy those snow days while your kids are young. You'll be glad that you did! Get the hot chocolate and marshmallows going, and snuggle on the couch for a little snowy reading (as Faith Berens suggests) after you and your kids enjoy time outside in the snow.