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Aug 7, 2012

Resources for the New School Year

Becky Cooke


   There are still many of you out there who have not yet discovered the high school pages on the HSLDA website. Some of you are just reaching the point of thinking about high school, so check out our site.

   We are always adding new links, articles, and suggestions for use as you plan out high school courses. Of course, we don’t list everything out there, but we try to give you a sampling of some wonderful resources. For instance, we recently added a list of online libraries and Denver Art Museum’s teachers’ resources to our Free Resources section. In the online course section, Aim Academy was added. If you are in the market for scholarship money, we keep adding to the list that’s already posted.

   You can see that the website continues to expand. Even if you’ve checked the site in the past, you may enjoy the new additions we keep adding.

Becky Cooke