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Aug 5, 2013

To Our Kitchens, O Mothers

MaryAnn Gaver

...I pictured myself back in my college days at the University of Maryland giving a speech to my fellow classmates. I envisioned telling them what I'm about to tell you. A few people, including the professor walked toward the podium. I knew that they wanted to usher me out of that lecture hall quicker than a flash...

I think that moms really set the tone at home, and that when it comes to nurturing their families --- no one is quite as good as a loving mother. And, specifically when it comes to nutrition, mothers are extremely influential. 

 I enjoyed planning, coordinating, and serving meals all through our homeschooling years. And that doesn't mean that Jay and the boys didn't help. They did. But I did the bulk of cooking, and don't regret it one bit. 

One of the benefits of teaching at home is that the kids can learn how to make healthy meals. I taught the twins how to make simple meals, and how to bake. We had so much fun in the kitchen over the years. Please see Healthy, Wholesome Homeschooling, Cookies and Milk, and the webinar, Nourish Your Family.

I'd like to share with you a response that my friend, Dawn Pickett (fellow homeschooling mom from our high school co-op) wrote to the Carroll County times newspaper in reaction to Rev. Luis Leon's Easter message (where our U.S. President was in attendance) when he stated that religious right/conservatives want to take our country backwards with women back in the kitchen.   

Here's Dawn's response:

"I am a wife, mother and homemaker. Although I have a Master of Science degree from The Johns Hopkins University, I choose to be in the kitchen. I choose to grow my own food, can or freeze it and prepare nutritious homemade meals for my family.

Rev. Leon, I choose to be called "back" in the kitchen, and it is not by the religious right, but because I LOVE MY FAMILY.  Why does society "look down" on women who desire to be at home and take care of the needs of their family?

What is so bad about men and women who know how to do their own laundry, make their own dinner, and develop a good work ethic by doing chores around the house? What is so bad about providing homemade nutritious meals so that your children are not obese and on their way to developing diabetes? What is so bad about being available to invest your life into your family by taking care of their basic needs so that they can excel in their education and in all their endeavors?

Rev. Leon and all of you elite, educated, progressives who believe being in the kitchen is a move backwards for women and society, I say look around you and see how well our children are doing since we have been 'out of the kitchen' ...

What is the general health of our nation's children? 1 in 3 children is obese. 1 in 3 children today will develop diabetes in their lifetime. 

What is the general report card on our nation's children? U.S. test scores fall below other nations. Dropout rates are on the rise. Remedial classes are required before high school graduates can take college classes.

Some day, I may use that education degree 'outside the home,' but right now my career is my HOME ---- what a GIFT to society."

I agree with Dawn. It's not a step backward to be in the home, and specifically in the kitchen, but a step forward!  It's a step in a positive direction to give your time and energy to your growing family.

It really irks me when you see advertisements that purposely don't show women in the kitchen. As if it's a bad thing.

 Moms, let's take back our kitchens! I encourage you to let the world know that we love taking care of our families, and that it's a blessing, not a burden to care for a thriving household. After all -- the family is the core, structural unit and foundation of society.

Keep teaching, and keep caring for your family. And please share your thoughts and comments on this issue. I'd love to share some of your responses...