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Nov 26, 2012

Need Help Teaching High School at Home? We’ll Come to You!

Diane Kummer

   Becky and I enjoy meeting many of you when we travel and speak at homeschool conferences throughout the country. We encourage you to support your local conferences and attend them whenever you are able. Likewise, we also take great delight in welcoming many of you to HSLDA in Purcellville, VA where we present high school at home symposiums. But for those of you who are unable to attend those events in person, we’ll come to you!

   There are two additional ways that you may take advantage of the high school teacher training sessions presented by Becky and me. We’ve recorded six different high school seminars on audio downloads for you to purchase. Listen to the tapes from the comfort of your home, and better yet, invite a friend or two to listen along with you. The seminars available on the download include:

  • Building on a Sure Foundation:  Staying the Course through High School

   Be reminded of the reasons to homeschool your teens, walk through the decision making process, take at the look at factors influencing your teen’s education options, learn about educational philosophies, and find sources of help.

  • Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four Year Plans

   We show you step by step how to customize a high school plan for your teen, evaluate his course work, and determine credit.  You’ll also learn about homeschool diplomas and transcripts.

  • High School Transcript Clinic

   Creating a transcript is easier than you think!  Discover what important information to include on a transcript, and learn how to calculate a grade point average.

  • Scoop on Tests for Teens

   If you are a bit confused about the tests available to your teen during the high school years, we’ll help you sort it all out!  We provide info on the PLAN, Explore, PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject, ACT, AP, CLEP, DSST, Compass, and Accuplacer tests.

  • Important Pit Stops during High School

   We’ll take you through a timeline of the high school years and point out important items that you’ll want to consider along the way.  We discuss the college application process, financial aid, and tips for helping your teen prepare for his first job.  We also provide info on the military’s homeschool policy.

  • You Can Homeschool High School…If You Can Make It through Tomorrow!

   Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement – that’s what we give you in this seminar.

Purchase the audio downloads of these seminars Here.

   Another way to receive high school teacher training is to invite Becky or me to your area to present a one day high school symposium. Find a facility to hold the event (usually a church), choose a date, set up registration, promote and advertise to homeschoolers in your locale, and Becky and I will come and present four high school seminars to your families. Becky and I don’t charge an honorarium, but we do request that our travel fees be reimbursed by the host organization. Usually, homeschool support groups band together and coordinate the event to ensure at least 50 attendees. HSLDA provides promotion of your event through an email elert to families within a determined mile radius of your event. The symposiums are informative, educational, and fun! Contact Becky or me at 540-338-5600 or email highschool@hslda.org if you are interested in dialoguing about the possibilities. We would love to come to you!

Enjoy your teens during this holiday season!