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Jul 17, 2013

Natural Beauty: Take Care Of Yourself

MaryAnn Gaver

Today let's talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves in order to maintain and cultivate inner strength and outward beauty. Strength -- to do our very best in what we're called to do: love our husbands and children, manage our homes (I realize that many work outside the home, too), and teach our children. Beauty --- not just outward. We're also talking about those inner qualities like graciousness, kindness, and a pleasant demeanor -- virtues that are fast disappearing and often mocked in our androgynous American culture...   

Let's not neglect ourselves --- physically or spiritually. That means getting enough rest, eating right, and doing what we can to keep our bodies strong (as best we're able, of course). It means that we take time for prayer and stay close to the Lord.

And, yes -- I think that trying to look our best is good. I encourage you to stay current with dental visits (Please see 32 Diamonds), hair appointments, and getting enough fresh air and exercise.  

I've learned that a walk around the neighborhood each day helps me to think better and release stress. Also, I've discovered that drinking a lots of water seems to help my complexion.

Give yourself permission to take some moments to improve yourself, whether it's a morning quiet time to read your Bible, or an evening stroll around the block. In other words -- don't neglect the things that will actually help you to be a better wife, mother and teacher.

If you have nutrition questions, please feel free to contact a wonderful friend of mine --- homeschooling mother of three, Dr. Belinda Roettger. You can reach her at Belinda.juiceplus.com. She and I presented a nutrition webinar this past spring called Nourish Your Family.

 For beauty and make up advice, contact Kelly Pittner, www.marykay.com/kpittner or e-mail your questions to kpittner@marykay.com.  Kelly's a beautiful young mother of two who's considering homeschooling her three- year- old daughter and 15- month- old- son down the road. She would love to help you with skin care concerns or cosmetic needs. 

 Take care of yourself so that you can best take care of your family. I think that the real challenge is finding a true balance, and not going overboard or becoming overly obsessed with the issues of health and beauty.

All the best!  Keep teaching!