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May 20, 2013

Music, Part II

MaryAnn Gaver

I sat outside the violin lesson that afternoon while I graded math papers and wondered, "Is this worth it?" I taxied the twins to lessons once a week, encouraged them to practice every morning, and sat through many long recitals and rehearsals ... 

   Our family found that studying music is about so much more than simply learning songs. It takes a big commitment from the parents and the students!

    We discovered that it's about the value of faithfulness in little things like daily practice and doing one's best. It's about consistency and commitment. It's about trusting that God will use every talent that we offer to Him.

   Having invested countless hours in practicing over the years, the guys have come a long way since Yankee Doodle and the Suzuki method! I remember the early days when the violin would screech or the guitar strings would snap. I recall the winter mornings when everyone (including the music mom!) wanted to quit. 

    Often the boys said that it was lonely and tedious practicing day after day, month after month in the living room with only our English Setter and cat as the audience!  I had to agree that I, too, would be discouraged to play my very best only to see my dog give a great big yawn at the end of the performance!

    Again, I ask myself...

    What did my kids gain from studying music?  Discipline and perseverance.

    What did I gain from taking them to lessons?  Precious one-on-one time with each son.

    What did our family, church, and community gain?  Two skilled musicians.

    So, was it worth it?  You bet!  Overall, music study was an incredibly beneficial experience, and one of the biggest blessings in our homeschool.

     Until tomorrow! Consider adding some music to your day! 

Bach - Prelude, Cello Suite in G major, BWW 1007 (John Williams) by Various Artists on Grooveshark