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Dec 3, 2012

May Thanksgiving Continue

MaryAnn Gaver

     It was the 24th of September as I snuck through the garden entrance of our local Walmart that morning.  I wanted to avoid the visual onslaught of dreadful Halloween costumes at the front door.  Also, I was still in my sweats. It  was one of those mornings where I skipped the lipstick and hairbrush because I figured that I wouldn't run into anyone.  Of course, that's usually when I see everyone in town including my husband's new clients... 

      When the automatic doors slid open, I stepped from fall sunshine into florescent lighting and was struck with what felt like a ten-foot ocean wave of... could it be?.... Christmas trees, wreaths, and boxes galore.  Employees stocked super-high shelves, ripped opened huge cardboard boxes and darted around the aisles. I stood there wondering, "How in the world did they clear the school supplies so quickly?  What about Thanksgiving?" 

      I like to linger over Thanksgiving just as we stay at the table to enjoy that one last cup of hot coffee, conversing with family and friends.  Savoring the whole day.  Praises (to God)  seem to naturally flow on Thanksgiving Day, and I want them to go on and on.  

     I love what Charles Spurgeon says in his book, The Practice of Praise:  "Never think little of praise, since holy angels and saints made perfect count it their life-long joy.  Even the Lord himself said, 'He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me.' (Psalm 50:23)"  

     A friend of mine, Dawn Pickett, leads a Monday morning prayer time for  moms at our local co-op. Even though the guys graduated, I still love to go when I can.  Faithful and true -- that's Dawn.  Each week, she sends us an e-mail message asking, "Any praises and prayer requests?"  This week, along with a few requests, I wrote:

*So thankful to God for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends

  • Thankful that the guys were home from college
  • Thankful for my parents, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews and extended family
  • Thankful to live in America
  • Thankful for God's Word - the truth
  • Thankful for the gift of eyesight, hearing, movement & health
  • So grateful for salvation through Christ
  • Grateful for today's splendid sunshine & fresh air
  • Grateful for the privilege to meet with other believers freely
  • Grateful for freedom to homeschool
  • Grateful for the beautiful and exquisite gift of music

Lord, thank You. Thank You! Thank You!

      Thanks, Dawn for reminding us to continue to make requests to God as well as to give thanks!

       I realize that I don't have to take my cues from Walmart or other visual sources when it comes to celebrating a holiday, so I don't need to be rattled if tomorrow, when I go to get shampoo, toothpaste and cat food, I happen to see Valentine's stuff!  To the good people at Walmart, I mean no offense about your store;  Halloween's just not my thing!

      May Thanksgiving continue!   Oh.... and this time, I'll use the front door of the store & will be thankful I have a place to shop!

     As always, with God's help -- keep being a great mom!  God bless you.