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Aug 29, 2012

Looking Forward To A Great Homeschooling Year

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi everyone!

     Are you making preparations for the upcoming school year? Finding books, gathering supplies and getting organized can be exciting! I also realize that it can be rather daunting at the same time!

     My encouragement to you today is to adopt the same approach to teaching academics as to teaching your kids anything else. For instance, let's look at bike riding. When you teach your children to ride a bike, you allow for individual differences in each child. Same goes with homeschooling.

      Remember the tricycle days? Or training- wheel stage? One child might gingerly approach the bike, look at it, study it and admire it from a foot away before actually getting on it. Another one will walk right up, sit right down and take off! Well, the same goes with academics. Some kids need lots of time to absorb facts and concepts, whereas some prefer a quick-paced, "got-it--let's- move-on" style.

      I remember when the twins learned to swim. One needed a lot of time before even putting his head under the water, whereas the other one seemed to want to get to the end of the pool anyway he could.  Ironically, when it actually came to swimming -- the opposite happened. The one twin who never wanted to dip his head beneath the water actually swam first (with lessons, of course). The other twin was content to hang on to the side, kick his legs and simply enjoy the feeling of the water.

     The bottom line is: Be sensitive to your children and the pace that they need for learning. I pray that you'll have a wonderful beginning and a wonderful year!

     Enjoy your family today!