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Jan 14, 2013

Looking Ahead To 2013: My Promise To You

MaryAnn Gaver

     As 2012 drew to a close and we began to look at a brand new year, I reflected on what a great year it had been.  365 steps of a journey -- a year of endings, beginnings, a year filled with blessings as long jaunts concluded and fresh ones commenced.

     Eleven years of homeschooling came to a beautiful close like a crescendo.  Seven years of rigorous and wonderful musical study slowly came to a halt.  To hear a few neat stories that I'm sure you'll relate to -- please check out 1,976 Empty Seats and Life Lessons Learned From Telemann.    

    The twins graduated.  Jay and I celebrated 25 years of marriage, and I had a milestone birthday. 

     I began to write.  Austin and Justin left for college.  I started to enjoy blogging and the guys succeeded at their freshman semester. So we had many new beginnings, too!

     Although my role has changed in that I'm not teaching, facilitating and coordinating the homeschool study program that was such a huge part of my life, I'm definitely looking forward to encouraging you in the new year.  

     Without you, there would be absolutely no purpose in the blog.  Whether it's an occasional read, or you check out the blog frequently --- thank you!  Whether you're new to homeschooling or are an experienced veteran, I would like to continue to provide you with a little bit of inspiration.   That's my promise to you.

      I wish you a Happy New Year in 2013 with God's abundant blessings!  As you continue your teaching journey, I hope to meet you along the way.