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Apr 24, 2013

Let My Students In: Hope As Your Teens Go Through The College Application Process

MaryAnn Gaver

      Let's say that your teen took the PSAT's, the SAT (maybe several times!), and feels that college is the next step.  But what if they're still unsure about which college to attend?

       At exactly this time last year, that was our scenario.  The twins took all the necessary college prep classes during the high school years, took the SAT twice, visited seven different schools --- and still had no clear idea of exactly what to do!  

     ...The clock was ticking --- less than two months until graduation!

     Take community college for the basic courses?  Go right to a four-year school?  If so, which one?  Go to the same school or different schools?  Room together or don't room together?  The questions continued...

      My encouragement to you is to stay calm. In other words, don't do what I did! I stressed about the whole thing.  

       You see, the college that I had envisioned for my students didn't turn out to be the college that would've been the best fit. Only now — looking back — can I see that they definitely wouldn't have had the opportunities and majors that they needed to thrive, grow, and become leaders had they gone to that school.

      In March, the guys decided that they wanted to go to the same school, and wanted to room together. Understandable. They did baseball together, studied together, and shared bunk beds for their whole lives. Being a twin myself, I said, "Guys — I completely understand that.  Dad and I support you in your decision."  Okay, so that was settled. Now -- where to go?

     It wasn't until April 26th of last year that they were both invited to have music auditions at Liberty University that they knew -- this was it -- the school they were supposed to attend!

      This past fall, after they settled in (yes, they room together!) Justin said, "Mom — we're exactly where we're supposed to be."  And Austin added, "We were definitely prepared for college." Those two statements gave me such peace! 

      So, my encouragement to you is to wait on God. Okay, I'm not one to talk, and I did a poor job with that — but I learned that we can trust what He is doing even when things aren't crystal clear. Everything will unfold for your teen!

       I love what my Pastor says:  "God is seldom early, but He's never late."

      Take heart.  Keep praying for your teen and trusting God's perfect plan for his or her life.

      Stay faithful!



           ....A snapshot of the high school years taken in our old school room where we spent many a day learning, laughing,  and growing during the eleven years of home teaching....