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Feb 11, 2013

An Idea for Celebrating Valentine's Day

MaryAnn Gaver

      What could be nicer than saying, "I love you?"   

      To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, consider making homemade cards. They're a lot more meaningful when you design them yourself. And while the kids are busy creating their cards, how about making a very special one for your husband -- even if it's just a simple 'I Love You'...

      I still enjoy making homemade cards every now and then on special occasions.  And Valentine's Day is the perfect time to try your hand at creating cards (along with the kids), and to let your husband know how much you cherish and appreciate him.

      Look around the house and gather your red paper, yarn, stamps, glue, and scissors for a card-making session in your homeschool today. Encourage the kids to express their thoughts and feelings on paper.  And while they're at it, suggest that they make a few extra cards for their siblings and grandparents, too.  Put some nice music on in the background while you work, and talk about how important it is to express love and to be loving. 

         Enjoy the day and enjoy your family!  And remind everyone to give out some hugs on Valentine's Day!

      Oh - one more thing.  When your husband walks through the door tonight -- look him in the eye, smile and give him a big kiss!   And, of course, say, "I love you!"

      Be sweet on Valentine's Day and every day ---