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Dec 12, 2013

The Homecoming

MaryAnn Gaver

The twins are coming home! Okay, "the boys" are now 19-year-old college sophomores at Liberty U, and although they're definitely young men, they'll always be my boys. And they're heading home after finals!

There's something so special and wonderful about a homecoming, especially about welcoming home a college student, or in my case, students, after a long and challenging semester. I remember that 2009 Folger's commercial when the brother arrives home and is greeted by his sister, and, yes, that freshly brewed steaming cup of coffee.

I was around when that older Folger's commercial aired. The young college guy, Peter, arrives home very early one snowy morning (I guess it's actually Christmas morning), presents and duffel bag in tow. Just a little bit fake getting out of the car with perfectly wrapped gifts! But I still remember that cozy and inviting commercial nonetheless. Okay, the part where the parents are next to the tree sipping their Folger's coffee in perfect sync is more than fake and contrived―but the overall message of the commercial―it's warmth and tenderness―is a theme that we relate to. The whole idea of what home is.

 And being a mom who's waiting for sons to drive in from college, well―I can relate!

So this blog really isn't about drinking coffee (although I love a few hot cups in the morning―Gevalia, mostly) but it's about home -- that loving atmosphere where you're accepted for who you are, and where those you love are always waiting for you when you come back.

And part of the essence of homeschooling is creating and maintaining that kind of love and acceptance every day of the week, every hour of school, and every passing year as the kids get bigger and bigger...

So, keep cultivating a warm, inviting home where love abounds! And your kids will remember that throughout their lives...