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Jun 3, 2013

Helping Our Kids Stand Strong in a Changing World, Part 1

Tracy Klicka MacKillop

I got back from speaking at the North Carolina Home Education (NCHE) Convention in Winston-Salem last weekend, and one of my workshops was on the topic of giving our children a biblical worldview--the why, the what, and the how. With our culture radically changing before our eyes, I believe this topic is more important than ever before. What are we doing to help our children stand strong in a changing world?
My late husband Chris was fortunate in his youth to attend a solid, Christian school that actively taught biblical worldview through his various academic disciplines. I believe his scripture-grounded, purposeful education significantly contributed to shaping him into the passionate, evangelistic, freedom-loving man God used for over 20 years in the homeschooling movement in America.
My experience on the other hand, revealed a public school education that, although it was not openly hostile to Christianity, it was at best ambivalent on the relevancy of God and His Word. I certainly didn't have even a simple grasp of the gospel until God radically saved me just before entering high school.
To say my biblical learning curve was great is an understatement. I had to start from scratch, learning basic Bible stories, and then gradually progress to understanding God's heart and God's priorities in His Word. It wasn't until I met Chris in college (Grove City College), that I first heard of the idea that the Bible has something to say about many areas of life--the value of human life, marriage & family, business, stewardship, politics, economics, law, justice, education, etc.
Chris liked to share with me what he had studied in God's Word on different topics. I remember one day when he was in law school at O.W. Coburn (now Regent University School of Law) he was looking at my study Bible. All of a sudden he got very excited. "Did you see this?" he asked me. "This is a two-page listing of all the verses in the Bible that speak about law, justice, and our legal system. This is amazing!"
You see, my late husband had this passion to think God's thoughts after Him. It was a huge driving force in his life. It is what inspired him to pursue his juris doctorate (law degree) and work as a constitutional attorney. While interning at the Rutherford Institute under constitutional attorney and author John Whitehead the summer after his second year of law school just after we were married, he caught a vision for homeschooling and parental freedom.
As he researched all the case law and statutes that had ever been written in America having to do with homeschooling, he was simultaneously that summer developing a biblical view of education. That worldview made Chris of the most convincing, effective spokespersons for godly home education the homeschooling movement has ever seen.
Before we started having a family we were committed to homeschooling our children, feeling strongly God's call to teach them the Word of God. Once we started having children, Chris actively led our family worship time and devotions, and together we started looking for materials that would help us teach them a biblical worldview.
          "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?"  ~Mark 8:36
We honestly didn't find much to use with the younger children, but as the kids got older we found several wonderful resources to help us impress upon our children's minds God's perspective on a variety of subjects. From curricula to camps to internships, there are some great options for young people in their junior high years and beyond. And now, thankfully, there is a curriculum for young people, to start introducing them to biblical worldview in the elementary years
Why do I feel so strongly about the importance of teaching our kids biblical worldview?
First, it's because we can't rely on them getting it anywhere else. They won't get it in the culture around us; they won't likely even get it in church. Rather than preserving biblical values and protecting our godly heritage, children growing up in the church and attending public school are walking away from their faith in drastic numbers. (An interesting article on why kids are leaving the church from Barna Research Group)
Second, our culture has been radically shifting away from it's Judeo-Christian heritage for the last 70 years. We're seeing the fruit of this shift, however, in more and more alarming ways in just the last 10-12 years.
It's up to us, parents, to teach our children how to think God's thoughts after Him, what to value and prioritize, according to what He does in His own Word. If we don't do it--we who are actively teaching our children day in and day out at home--who will? If we take up the call to give our children a solid grounding in the Bible, by God's grace, they are going to be the light and salt America and our world so desperately needs. (Matthew 5:14-16; Luke 14:34-35)
Summertime is a good time to do some research for your next year of homeschooling, and if you, like me, are committed to helping your children develop a biblical worldview, next week I'll share some terrific resources for you to check out this summer!
There's no place like home,