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May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

MaryAnn Gaver

     How can we describe the love, admiration, and appreciation we have for our own mothers?   Next Sunday, our extended family plans on having a picnic in the mountains  ---- to celebrate Mother's Day, and to pay tribute to our wonderful mom who worked so hard (along with my dad, of course!) to raise us ....

     Now that we're grown and are mothers ourselves, we get a tiny glimpse of the joy of bringing new life into this world, of raising children, and of receiving the blessings that motherhood brings. Motherhood is such a high calling, so beautiful and exhilarating! 

      I invite you enjoy these poems which capture the essence of what I'd like to say about motherhood ~


by Margaret Widdemer

She always leaned to watch for us,

Anxious if we were late,

In winter by the window,

In summer by the gate,


And though we mocked her tenderly,

Who had such foolish care,

The long way home would seem more safe

Because she waited there.


Her thoughts were all so full of us --

She never could forget!

And so I think that where she is

She must be watching yet,


Waiting till we come home to her,

Anxious if we are late ---

Watching from heaven's window

Leaning from heaven's gate.




Had I no little feet to guide

Along life's toilsome way,

My own more frequently might slide,

More often go astray.


But when I meet my baby's eyes,

At God's own bar I stand,

And angels draw me t'ward the skies

While baby holds my hand.


     Happy Mother's Day!  God bless you abundantly.