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Mar 1, 2013

Good Communication

MaryAnn Gaver

    Today, you're working to coordinate lessons, manage the household and see that your children are properly fed, taught and nurtured.  You've got a lot going on!

     Before everyone starts school, you decide to have the kids do chores.  And that requires the need to communicate.

    What happens when you ask your little one to fold towels?  What's the response when you ask your teenager to take out the trash?

    May I suggest that we take a cue from aircraft controllers and pilots?  Their normal protocol includes making a request -- then receiving confirmation that the request was heard and will be carried out. 

Flight Controller:  "Cessna 577 Juliet, turn to 270 degrees. Maintain altitude of 3,500 feet."

Pilot:  "577 Juliet turning 270 degrees, maintaining altitude of 3,500 feet."


     So, when you ask your child to do something, suggest that they give you some kind of response whether it's "No problem, Mom." -- or "Okay, I'll take care of the trash." 

      As the daughter of a pilot, I spent my fair share of girlhood days around airplanes, airports and garages that smelled like gasoline and grease.  My dad was an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist with NavAir.  A consummate master of mechanics and engines, he flew (on his own, not commercially) for fifty years. 

    The five of us kids took turns flying with dad on Saturdays.  The best part was when I got to sit up front in the right seat, put my hands on the controls and pretend to be Amelia Earhart.  I pictured wearing the white scarf and having her curly hair.

   I looked left to see my dad's huge, rugged, weather-beaten hands on the controls.  Before taxiing the Stinson (N97316), he commanded  "CLEAR  PROP!" 

   It was exhilarating to gain speed and clear the trees.  Davis Airport (or Field) in Laytonsville, MD had no tower, controller or decent runway, but I always loved flying out of that little air field.  I was with Dad, and I was flying!  Soaring!

   During our eleven years of homeschooling, I required the guys to do a lot of chores around the house.  And I always insisted that they communicate with me as I made requests.  It worked well after lots of training.


    Request from Two Oaks Tower:  "Cessna Romeo, expedite your turnoff at the next available taxi-way."

    The response?  "Right away, Mom."   

     Have a great day.  God bless you!  Remember, your role as a mom is so important.