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Jul 19, 2013

A Fun Way to Prep for the SAT

Diane Kummer

If your teen is college bound, you may be planning to have him take the SAT college entrance test administered by the College Board.  Prepping for the test is important to give every advantage for scoring well.  Besides using SAT scores for admissions purposes, colleges may also use the scores for placement purposes when deciding for which level of college courses your teen may register. In addition, SAT scores are sometimes used by scholarship sponsors to award scholarships.

There are many ways to prep for the SAT including taking a SAT prep class, purchasing a SAT prep book, or hiring a private tutor.  You’ll also find a free full-length practice SAT test on the College Board website.

Another fun way to prep for the SAT is to register to receive the SAT Question of the Day. Once registered, your teen will receive via email the official SAT question daily covering both verbal and math problems. He answers the question, submits his answer, and then checks if his answer is correct. If your teen answers the question correctly, he’ll be encouraged!  If he answers incorrectly, he’s provided with the correct answer as well as an explanation. When submitting his answer to the question of the day, your teen can also note how many students responded to the question and what percentage of these students answered the question correctly. This allows your student to have an indication of the difficulty of each question. 

To motivate your teen, why not set some goals as an incentive for him?  You may want to give him inexpensive treats (a favorite candy bar, a slurpee, or a special dessert) for answering a given number of questions correctly. Or, are you up for some competition between you and your teen? Both of you can answer the question of the day and keep track of the number you answer correctly. Your teen may enjoy the rivalry! 

Taking time to work through the SAT question of the day takes just minutes a day and may reward your teen with a higher SAT score. (I receive the SAT question of the day in order to keep up with the types of questions on the SAT, but also to keep my mind sharp!) 

Check out the testing section of HSLDA’s website for more details on the SAT, ACT, and PSAT.