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Jun 21, 2012

Free Stuff!

Becky Cooke

   On our high school website, we have a section listing many sites with a variety of free offerings such as courses, study guides, test prep, and more.

   Recently we were asked by Susan, one of our members, for suggestions of free online libraries where books can be downloaded or borrowed to read for free. Together, we found an interesting list of sources for all ages. Some seem to be more user friendly than others. Some have free stuff and then for a fee will open up additional sections of the site for its users. Some provide the ability to download to a PC if you don’t have a reader, IPad, or other device. There are even audio books available. If you wish to make your laptop/PC Kindle friendly, you can download the Kindle software free.

Check out these free “libraries”:

Google Books

Internet Archive

Project Gutenberg

Open Library

Free Ebooks   – you can read five ebooks free each month. More than that costs $50 for three years of unlimited access.

Barnes and Noble – offers the same software download for your PC and many free

ebooks as well. There is a kids’ section where books, complete with full color illustrations, are read by their authors or celebrities.

Books Should Be Free – free, downloadable audio books of all genres

Let us know what other free and easily accessible resources you have found helpful for homeschooling.