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Feb 21, 2013

February Blues

Becky Cooke

I recently received a phone call from an HSLDA member who needed a bit of encouragement. She told me that a fellow homeschooling mom told her never to make a decision in February about whether to continue homeschooling or not! This mom went on to say the reason was that February was far enough along to have lost the excitement of a new year and new curricula, but not far enough along to see the end of the year (or the light at the end of the tunnel). What good advice!

Even though the mom who called knew this and agreed to it, she needed to hear again that homeschooling is worthwhile; it will bring a sense of accomplishment; and that one day it will be behind her – sooner than she’ll expect. Often we just want someone to care, to give an encouraging word, to be appreciated for our efforts, to see what we are doing. Are you at this place too? El Roi (“God sees”) does just that for us. He lifts us up and makes us stand – like the song “Precious Lord Take My Hand” so eloquently says it.

The Lord also uses His people to bring a refreshing word. Diane and I are always eager to listen to you and to encourage and pray with you. If you are a member, don’t hesitate to call us (540.338.5600). If you are not yet a member, we would love you to consider joining so we can extend our hand of fellowship to you too.