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Aug 17, 2012

In Favor of Legos

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi everyone!

     Any LEGO fans out there? I love LEGOS! With their countless opportunities to inspire children and adults all over the world, I think LEGOS are great for homeschoolers. Whether it's summer or winter -- we can't go wrong in having our kids play with LEGOs.

    Everywhere I go, moms tell me that they think that LEGOS are worthwhile. Come to find out that many moms have helped get kids started with their first LEGO sets, then enjoyed seeing kids create towns, forts, castles and more.

    Moms also seem to love the fact that kids can be interactive with LEGOS, too. So there's a social aspect. Siblings can interact without saying a word. And all without a hovering over a screen!

     A child might build an airplane today, then tomorrow make it into something else. So the possibilities are quite endless. Did you know that with just six 2 x 4 LEGO bricks of the same color, you can build more than 915 million different creations? Now that'll keep the kids busy!

     I remember one Mother's Day when the twins were about ten years old (back in the days when LEGO building was in it's hey-day around here) they made a LEGO set- up with various towns people (police officer, chef, etc.) standing together. A home- made poster board card served as a back drop to the scene. I must've always been asking the twins to clean up their LEGOs because here's what the card said:

  Happy Mother's Day!  Thanks for putting up with us.  From the good people of LEGO-land.

     It's important for our kids to gain motor skills, dexterity and creativity while doing something wholesome and worthwhile. So if you're thinking of things for the kids to do through the rest of the summer, I highly recommend LEGOs! 

     May the Lord bless you and inspire you as you care for your children!