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Feb 18, 2013

Fact #3 About Homeschooling

MaryAnn Gaver

"A mother can read all the child-rearing books and can subscribe to any theory of parenting, but what gets passed along to her children is something far more intimate and mysterious than any- thing contained therein.  What gets passed along is her character, and it enters into her kids as surely and as inexorably as water flows from a fuller vessel into a less-full one."    - Laurence Shames

Have you ever pondered the fact that the most worthwhile and rewarding things in life require our full dedication?  Marriage, parenting, living as a Christian... 

Have you ever considered that homeschooling is the most natural extension of mothering?  What I mean is that all mothers are teachers.  And for those of us who wish to impart our faith to our kids -- what better way to mold, nurture & love them than to live out our faith right in front of them, hour by hour, day in, day out, month in, month out?  Homeschooling gives us the time, ability and opportunity to allow the 'roots' of our children's faith to go super deep...



I said unto my gardener,

"I want my vine to bear

The choicest, richest, largest grapes

To be seen anywhere."

So he tied it here

And he cut it there,

And he trained it along the wall

And, oh!  The loveliest grapes appeared ----

The wonder of us all.


God said unto the mother,

"I want your child to be

A godly, helpful, useful man---

A messenger for Me."

So she curbed him here,

And she taught him there,

And she urged him to do what was right,

And o'er the heads of ill-trained sons,

He towered in moral height.

I realize that teaching at home definitely takes a huge commitment on the part of the parents.  It takes time, energy and 100% of yourself to do it well.  It's challenging for sure, but definitely worth it in the end.   I've found that the benefits far out- weigh the sacrifice.

Here's fact #3:

 You are your child's best teacher.     

Some might say that it's one thing to be a mom -- to look out for a child's well-being, to nourish, love and educate him or her, but that it's quite another thing to do the educating yourself!   It's a big undertaking to homeschool -- but with all the co-ops, tutorials and access to great curriculum --- homeschooling's never been easier. 

If you're thinking of homeschooling in the future, I encourage you to check out all the available resources through HSLDA.  They are there to help!  And if you have a moment, please see my blog You're A Natural Teacher, So Teach With Your Own Style.

And if you've already decided to homeschool (perhaps next fall, or sooner) -- great!  You won't regret it.  After all, you've already been teaching your kids all along!  Keep going. 

To all of you who have been homeschooling for some time  -- stay faithful!



          "A mother's heart is a child's classroom."  ----  Henry Ward Beecher