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Sep 12, 2012

The Exercise Of Choice For Busy Moms

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi everyone,

    Morning or evening, with or without babies in tow -- whether you venture out by yourself or alongside your husband --- walking is definitely the exercise of choice for busy moms. Of course, I have no real proof of this, but that doesn't really matter because all you need to do is look around your own neighborhoods, parks and sidewalks to see many mothers out walking. 

      Through my eleven years of home teaching, part of the way I kept my sanity was by walking -- No, seriously -- I always felt that I needed a good walk around the neighborhood to think, plan and unwind. Some days, walking was a way to have some quiet moments by myself to pray, get some fresh air and move around after some sedentary hours teaching. Sometimes on beautiful fall days when everyone was dreamily looking out the window, I'd say, "Guys, drop everything.  We're going to the park!" 

     Whether pushing a stroller, pulling the kids in a wagon, or slipping out (when the children are tended to, of course) for a few moments by yourself -- we simply can't go wrong by walking!  However. Whenever.

     A brisk walk relieves stress, increases circulation, benefits our hearts and helps our overall well- being. And even if it's an afternoon stroll with your toddler, you're still burning calories and helping your lungs -- so go for it!  All of us sleep better when we've taken in some fresh air, too.

     Of course, I realize that it takes creativity on our parts when trying to fit walking into our busy schedules. If you like to walk by yourself but your kids are too small, how about asking a young lady from your church or neighborhood to come over as a "mother's helper" during lunch time while you walk for 20 or 30 minutes? For those with large families, perhaps the older siblings could read or do something with the wee folks during your walk. I don't know your particular scenario, but I encourage you to strategically look at ways that you might  be able to implement walking.

     I used to think that exercise meant having a sustained one-hour work out of tennis or something like that, but over the years I've changed my outlook about exercise. I've realized that simply being physically active is what's important. Moving around. Finding something that you like to do, then doing it. 

    Convenient, economical and beneficial -- walking's a great choice for all of us! I encourage you to set a time (if at all possible) to walk today. It helps me to "make an appointment" for a time that would be best suitable to walk that day. I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but that has helped me to keep exercise as a priority.

     Have fun walking and keep being a great mom!  Onward!