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Aug 23, 2012

Encouragement As You Take Off To A Brand New Year

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi homeschooling moms!

     I'm here to encourage you as you take off to a whole new homeschooling year! Part of the fun of any journey is anticipating what's ahead -- what you will see, where you will go and what you will experience. It's the same with homeschooling. Think of all the new things your family will learn, places you will discover and the knowledge that will be gained in the upcoming days!

     As I grew up as a little girl in the Maryland suburbs, we spent many Saturdays flying with my dad, a seasoned pilot. The five of us kids always knew that we were in good hands with my dad in the left seat. He had been in the Air Force, was an engine specialist, great mechanic, and an absolute stickler with details. He checked his check list, then checked it again.   Complacency was something that my dad didn't tolerate. There was never a fear in our minds, knowing that we would not only take off but that we would also land safely.

     Taking off was my favorite part. After thoroughly checking everything, two or three of us (we had to take turns in the four-seater plane) would climb in, buckle our seat belts, look at each other with grins of excitement, laugh a little and then brace ourselves for the ascent. My dad would give the final shout, "All clear!" then start taxiing down the runway. I'll never forget the feeling of exhilaration as we gained speed then finally lifted up, clearing the trees at the end of the runway to embark on an absolutely beautiful journey over Maryland's rolling hills.

     My prayer for you today is that you would have a great start to your new year and that the Lord will bless every aspect of your teaching. Go ahead -- look forward to all that awaits you, and eagerly anticipate the wonderful journey of homeschooling!

  "A friend of mine said a mile of highway will take you a mile, but a mile of runway can take you around the world."  -Dale Seitzer, EAA member

  Have a great start!  As always, with God's help, keep being the very best mom you can be!