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Jun 26, 2014

Creating a Course Description

Diane Kummer
A course description is a document providing details of your teen's high school coursework. Some colleges request course descriptions as part of the application packet. Although no one may ever ask to see your teen’s course descriptions, they serve as back up for courses shown on the high school transcript. What information is usually indicated on a course description?
Usually a course description contains:
       • The course title
       • Books and other materials used in the course
       • Author and publisher
       • Brief recap of the scope and sequence (in other words, what concepts were covered in the course?)
       • Method of evaluation
       • Credit awarded to the course
See this back issue of HSLDA’s high school email newsletter for more detailed information on course descriptions as well as samples. 
Speaking of courses: For parents homeschooling a high school student, the Constitutional Literacy DVD and workbook set may be taught as a full-year high school government credit.