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Aug 23, 2013

Congressional Medal of Honor

Becky Cooke

We get many calls and emails looking for scholarships for higher education. I recently received an email from one of our members whose two children were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor. Here is what she said:

I think there should be more said about the Congressional program to home schoolers because most of them are already doing what they need to earn it and I think that award had a lot to do with the fact that both of our kids got full, total, complete scholarships through their doctorates. Our two were the only two kids in Minnesota that year to earn it yet I know almost every one who is home schooled could.

At her request, I’m encouraging homeschool teens to consider participating in this program in the Congressional Award. The opportunity for scholarships is attractive to be sure; but additional benefits include being involved in public service, personal development, and physical fitness. The program allows each teen to strive for goals of interest to them.

Young people between the ages of 13 ½ and 23 are eligible to register for the Congressional Award Program either online or by mail. Teens who struggle are also welcome to be part of the program. This is a worthy cause and can reap financial and personal benefits for your teens.